June 29, 2021 || 11:19 am

After much drama, France’s cry in the tiebreaker, the Swiss cheer

All the colors of football thrills seemed to be captured in one night. France and Switzerland gave birth to another breathtaking battle without cutting the resh of the eight-goal match between Spain and Croatia. The faded world champions woke up after the break in the first half. The match is in the palm of your hand. But, in the last 10 minutes, the direction changed again. In the end, Switzerland burst into tears of victory over France in the tiebreaker. Rose to the quarter-finals of the European Championships.

Let’s see France versus Switzerland penalty shoot..



Switzerland won the last 16 match in Bucharest, Romania, 5-4 in a penalty shootout on Monday night. After the scheduled time of 3-3, the extra time also ends in that scoreline.

Who would have thought such a result before the match? On the one hand, the current world champion France, they are also the two-time champion of Europe. They are also the best team in the ‘F’ group called Mortuary Well. The team started the event as one of the three favorites with a star-studded squad.


Switzerland, on the other hand, entered the knockout stages as one of the top four teams in the world. That team gave birth to an incredible story at the end of the day.

This is the first time in 67 years that Switzerland has reached the quarter-finals of a major tournament. They played in the last eight of the 1954 World Cup. And this is the first time as Euro. However, this time the Peruvian team is the first step in the first knockout stage.


They also made a great start to the match with the skill of Haris Seferovic. After the break, Karim Benzema showed the way to France with two goals in two minutes. After a while, they were on the way to victory with Paul Pogbar’s goal. But Switzerland turned around without a hitch. Mario Gavranovic equalized at the last minute after Seferovic’s second goal.


Switzerland are successful in all of their first five shots, France are successful in the first four. Mbabane, who won the World Cup, came to take their last shot. Samer blocked his shot and gave the team a chance to celebrate.

Benzema, who scored a pair of goals against Portugal in the last round of the group, could have led the team in the sixth minute. Griezmann’s great cross from the left finds him in the D-box; But the Real Madrid star could not control the ball.


Switzerland took the lead in the first attack, shocking the former Euro champions. In the fifteenth minute, Seferovic jumped from the left into Steven Zuber’s great cross D-box and sent the ball into the net. Defender Clemento Longley made no attempt to resist.


Benfica forward Seferovic also scored a goal in the survival match against Turkey in the last round of the group.
France’s performance in the first half was disappointing. He was a little ahead in possession of the ball, but also attacked; However, none of their six shots were aimed at the goal.

Griezmann was the only brilliant name in the French attack in the first 45 minutes. His shot from far away in the 47th minute went just outside the post.


Five minutes later, the referee blew the whistle for the penalty with the help of VAR when defender Banjaman Pavard fouled Zuber in the D-box line. But Ricardo Rodriguez squandered the golden opportunity to increase the pressure on the French; Hugo Loris blocked his weak spot kick.

Then the French invasion woke up. Last year’s runners-up went ahead with two goals from Benzema in two minutes. In the 57th minute, the ball extended in the face of MBAP’s D-box was behind Benzema who was leaning forward.


The Real Madrid star pulled the ball in front with a left-footed flick with extraordinary skill, and found the address at the second tap.


With the exception of the moment of the spot-kick miss, the goal-digesting-stunned Swiss put the ball back into their net before it was ready. All of the French attacking trio involved in the goal; Griezmann grabbed the ball in the back heel of Mbabane, increased the cross to the far post and jumped to the head from very close. Returning to the national team after five years, he saw the first net in the previous match. He scored two goals in the second match in a row.


In the 75th minute, Pogba made the scoreline 3-1 from a long distance. In his powerful shot, the ball hit the crossbar and got caught in the net. France are the four-team winning team in the history of the Euros, despite going backwards. The number was on the rise. But in the end everything changes.

In the 71st minute, Seferovic reduced the gap to the head again with a great cross by Kevin. Gavranovic made the scoreline 3-3 in the last minute of the allotted time.


In the last 30 seconds of the four-minute added time, both teams had a golden opportunity to snatch the victory. But no one could. Loris and Kingsley Koman’s shot was blocked at the crossbar by the Swiss in a one-on-one.

In the 110th minute, Mbabane got a chance to lead the team again. But the PSG forward hit the side net even though he got the ball in a great position in the D-box. This was his form throughout the tournament.


After a while, Benzema’s replacement Olivier Giroud disappointed. In the last minute of the last minute, Sameer took the match tiebreaker by blocking the head of Chelsea forward.


He is also the hero there. And in the last final, the frustration of the rate came to the mission of Vola and France was in trouble to get knocked out at the beginning of the knockout stage.
Despite playing football in Daputa throughout the second half, the departure may have added to the French’s woes. In 120 minutes of fighting, they took a total of 26 shots for the goal, eight of which were on target. In contrast, the Swiss hit five of 12 shots.


Of course, as far as the statistics are concerned, the ticket for the quarter-finals is in their hands. Where Spain awaits them. In the first match of the night, those who lost to Croatia in a thrilling eight-goal fight.

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