March 20, 2021 || 12:15 pm

Are you happy with the draw in the Champions League?

The draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League took place in Neon, Switzerland.

Eight teams have also known the names of their potential opponents in the semi-finals due to the pre-determined schedule.

All the famous teams are going to face in the quarter finals this time. 13-time champions Real Madrid face six-time champions Liverpool.

Meanwhile, the current champion Bayern Munich has joined PSG.



Bayern won the sixth title after losing to PSG in the final last time.

Manchester City have got Borussia Dortmund full of great young talents.

And Porto, who lost to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus, have got Chelsea, who have invested the most in the transfer window this season.

Manchester City and Dortmund will meet in the first leg on April 6.



Real Madrid will host Liverpool on the same day.

The next two matches will be the next day. The return leg will be on April 13 and 14.


This time, of course, the match between Bayern Munich-PSG and Porto-Chelsea will be the first. The other two matches will be the next day.


The discussion started after such a draw. Which match will be the most glorious.

Where there will be fights. No other team has got an easy opponent.

Which team is happier to know the name of the opponent in the quarter finals, that discussion is always a delicious discussion.

Readers, which team do you think was happiest after the quarter-final draw?

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