July 4, 2021 || 9:13 am

Argentina 3-0 Ecuador The story of Messi, Messi, Messi-Argentina rising to the semis

Another Argentina match. Another Messi-show. Argentina will come on the field, will try to score in various ways, but will fail. Later that Lionel Messi will have to do something. This screenplay means the game of two-time World Cup champions. Today’s Copa America quarter final is no exception. Argentina reached the semi-finals with the help of Messi.

let’s see Argentina vs Ecuador football match highlight….


Argentina beat Ecuador 3-0. Messi’s contribution was in all three goals. The first two goals put the teammate on the line. The next goal was scored from a great free-kick. Colombia, the opponent of the semi-final, gave a message.

Details are coming.

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