November 3, 2021 || 4:23 am

Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United: Champions League – live reaction!

FULL TIME: Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United

United weren’t all that … but how about that Cristiano Ronaldo, huh. Yet another late goal, and it’s one that’s given United’s chances of qualification for the knockout stage a huge boost!


90 min +5: Maguire just about deals with a long ball, then draws a foul from Muriel. That should be enough for the draw


90 min +4: Van de Beek worms his way down the left. On the left-hand corner of the six hard box, he flashes across Musso and towards the bottom right. But the keeper sticks out a strong arm and saves! What a smash and grab that would have been


90 min +3: A long, long, long VAR check. Did the ball hit Greenwood’s arm? United hearts in mouths. But no! The goal stands!

GOAL! Atalanta 2-2 Manchester United (Ronaldo 90+1)

Astonishing! Atalanta fail to clear a ball bouncing along the front of their own box, left to right. Greenwood flicks it to Ronaldo, on the right-hand side of the D. Ronaldo meets the dropping ball and volleys across Musso and into the bottom left. He’s done it again.


90 min: Shaw floats the free kick into the mixer. Maguire attacks it, but it’s no good. Atalanta clear. It’s the first of five added minutes.


90 min: Koopmeiners needlessly bowls Cavani to the ground, 40 yards out on the left. Free kick, and a chance to load the box.


89 min: Zappacosta is down, Shaw having clipped him in a hard-but-fair 50-50. The clock keeps ticking down.


87 min: That’s Fernandes’ last act. He’s replaced by Sancho, and isn’t happy about it. Van de Beek also comes on, replacing McTominay. Can United’s lesser-spotted duo finally make an impression in the most dramatic style?


86 min: The corner leads to a game of head tennis, then Fernandes scissors clear.


83 min: Shaw bursts down the left and very nearly finds McTominay with a pass along the channel … but Koopmeiners reads the danger and intercepts at full pace, saving a corner and falling over the hoardings as he pokes out for a throw. “It sounds like a good game,” writes Stephen Carr. “I’m really looking forward to the highlights.


81 min: Muriel and Zapata make a balls of a two-on-two. Muriel’s pass to Zapata on the left is slow and behind his man; the one coming back the other way isn’t all that either. Muriel eventually sends a pea-roller into the arms of De Gea. Crisper and faster, and United were in a world of pain.


80 min: Make that nth+1. The corner’s worked from left to right. Zappacosta crosses. Zapata heads over from eight yards. A great chance, but one made a smidgen more difficult by Bailly’s presence.

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