August 19, 2021 || 11:20 am

Bangladesh vs Recreation Club football highlights.

Bashundhara Kings lost the initial inertia with the opponent’s suicide goal. Brazilian forward Robson de Silva Robinho gave a great goal. The champions of Bangladesh got off to a good start in the AFC Cup by defeating Majia Sports and Recreation Club.


The Kings won their first match of Group D of the AFC Cup 2-0 on Wednesday at the Rashmi Dhandu Stadium in the Maldivian capital Mal মাল. Robinho doubled the lead after a suicide goal by Majia captain Mohamed Irfan.

Raul, who has recovered from injury, was a bit uncertain about Oscar Besara’s performance. But Kings coach Oscar Brusson left Besra with attacking Sajan Robinho and Mahbubur Rahman Sufil. However, in the beginning, Kings’ attack was not known.


On the contrary, Majia Sports has been playing aggressively from the beginning. In the second minute, Ibrahim Aisam flew over the crossbar at the cut back of his teammate. After a while, Cornelia Stuart could not take advantage of the close post due to the obstruction of Khaled Safiye, his weak shot was easily taken in gloves by Kings goalkeeper Anisur Rahman Zico.

Kings, who won the Premier League title with four matches in hand, survived the eleventh minute. One of the players of Majia increased the long ball by taking the wrong pass of captain Tapu Barman.


Mohammad Hamza chipped the ball from the top of the box through the crossbar, breaking the offside trap and taking control.

Two minutes later, the Kings lost their first good chance. Jonathan Fernandez’s Silver Corner also saw the head of Iranian defender Shafi’i, who was at a distant post, hit one of the players and the speed slowed down. Majia goalkeeper easily stopped it.


Kings, who were slowly recovering, went ahead in the 25th minute. Raul Oscar Besera rushed to control Shafi’i’s long cross from his own half. Before this Chilean forward could reach the ball, Majia’s Mohamed Irufan took a shot to clear the danger; But the ball gets caught in the net over the goalkeeper.
Kings scored in the 36th minute of the match. Mazia snatched the ball from captain Irfan and entered the D-box with a powerful shot from close range to Brazilian forward Robinho.


Towards the end of the first half Fernandez’s shot went just outside the post. But Kings goes to the break with great relief to stay ahead. The Maldives champions could not take away the relief in the second half.

Kings could have increased the gap in the 50th minute. But Robinho’s cross from the left had more speed. Basera ran but did not reach the ball.


Desperate to turn around, Majia climbed to the top to play, but Peru could not hold back the Kings’ defense. Kings also had a strategy of keeping the house afloat. Meanwhile, in the 70th minute, Robinho’s chip went out of Bessera’s volley post. Robinho could not put a shot in the post after two minutes.

In the 85th minute, Majia’s goalkeeper fired a strong shot from Bernara’s long ball. Then Bessera’s shot hit a defender outside the post.


In the end, the Maldivian champions did not get a goal to reduce the gap when Stuart’s shot from a difficult angle went over the crossbar for a short while.

In the last AFC Cup, which was canceled due to coronavirus, Bruce’s team started their journey in the group stage by beating TC Sports 5-1 in the Maldives. This time too it was a great start.

The Kings will face Bangalore FC of India in their second match next Saturday. Bangalore started the group stage with a 2-0 win over their home team Mohan Bagan.

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