November 11, 2021 || 10:42 am

Barcelona presidential candidate calls for surprise Ronaldo move

10 years ago Manc’hester United and Barcelona were compe’ting in the Champions Lea’gue final.

And while Barcel’ona won comfortably tha’t night, a decade on both team’s are a shadow of themselve’s, competing to try and redisco’ver past success.



United are eight ye’ars into a cycle of mediocrity aft’er Sir Alex Ferguson’s exit, wh’ile Barcelona’s may only jus’t be beginning, with Lionel Messi le’aving in the summer af’ter an often disastrous past co’uple of years.

Barcelona are hopin’g new boss Xavi can turn th’eir situation around, and th’ey are being encouraged to ‘consider a surprise move next sum’mer.



The call comes fr’om Toni Freixa, the defeated can’didate in Barcelona’s rec’ent presidential election earl’ier this year and a former me’mber of the club’s board.

He told AS he beli’eves Barcelona should consid’er the bold move of signing for’mer foe Cristiano Ronaldo, cons’idering his rollercoas’ter of a start back at Manche’ster United.

Quizzed about Ro’naldo, Freixa said: “If there is a t’ime to do this madness [it] is no’w.”



Surely there is no chance

We wrote this week how Manchester United’s poor form could prompt Ron’aldo to reconsider his futu’re at the club at the end of the se’ason.

Will he really want to play in the Europa League, or the Co’nference League, if United end this se’ason poorly? It’s unthin’kable to imagine him playing in either competition.



If United’s form ta’nks, then it is conceivable Ro’naldo would consider an exit, a’nd there won’t be many clu’bs who can afford him.



Whether Barcelo’na could afford his wages is a qu’estion mark in itself.

And that’s before y’ou consider whether Xavi wo’uld want him as part of his tact’ical fit, and the emoti’onal ties to Real Madrid.

Ronal’do would ru’in his Real legacy by play’ing for Barcelona, whose fans ha’ve despised him for years even if th’ere is a grudging respect.



This is internati’onal week after all, where the’se type of outlandish talking poi’nts can often pop up.

But who wo’uld have thought Ronaldo wou’ld have been linked with City bac’k in the summer?

If Ronaldo deci’des he wants to engineer a mov’e back to Real Madrid, it wo’uld be right out of his agent’s pl’aybook to have a Barcelona li’nk doing the rounds next summ’er to try and scare them into ”action in the same way it did Unit’ed.

In the meant’ime we can only hope United get the’ir act together on the pitch, w’hoever is manager, and Ronaldo’ decides he wants to stay the dura’tion of his three year contract at t’he club.

Results need to turn ar’ound quickly after the in’ternational break for the tea’m to get back on track.

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