August 9, 2021 || 12:23 pm

Barcelona vs juventus football match highlight.

Every year at the beginning of the season, Barcelona hosts the Juan Gamper Trophy. This friendly match has not generated much interest in the last few years as it has all the easy opponents. But this time the interest in this match was high. Barcelona pulled Raghav Boal as their opponent this time. Catalans are not a team in the Gamper Trophy, they invited Juventus.

Let’s see football highlight juventus versus Barcelona…


So the excitement about this match has been going on for a long time. The two teams met twice in the Champions League last season. Cristiano Ronaldo did not play a single match in the Corona ban. So everyone had to be satisfied to watch the match between the best two players of the time in one match. At the beginning of the new season, another Messi-Ronaldo duo will be seen, so everyone was excited about it. But where is it, the match last night. Meanwhile, Lionel Messi officially said goodbye to Barcelona with tears in his eyes at noon.


After the departure of Messi, Sergio Busquets has taken over the captaincy of the team. He did not have a bad start as a captain. Barcelona beat Juventus 3-0.

Juventus came down with a full strength team yesterday. The original XI included Cristiano Ronaldo, Alvaro Morata, Matthias de Licht, Federico Bernardeski. Euro-winning Kielini, Bonucci and Kiesara were substituted. However, Barcelona have shown their dominance without Lionel Messi in Estadi Johan Cruyff.

To cover Messi's absence, the 
most trusted coach Ronald Koman, 
Memphis Depai scored in 3 minutes.

Martin Brathwaite and Ricky Pooch
 widened the gap in the second
 half. However, after the victory, 
Gerard Pique expressed his grief
 over Messi, saying, "Messi's 
departure has broken the heart 
of the team. We are losing the 
magic in the attack, but we have
 to move forward, the supporters
 expect a lot from us. '

PK sees the responsibility of
 one behind Messi's departure. 
The defender once again reminded
 former president Joseph Maria
 Bartomeu, who left the club 
financially bankrupt, ‘We lost 
the best player of all time.
 It hurt us, it hurt OK too.
 I don’t know the whole story. 
Both sides have said that it is 
a matter of some amount ...
 The management of the last few 
years is the cause of this 
situation, but history has shown 
that we know how to turn around 
this situation. '

After the departure of Messi, 
the witch has given up hope of 
getting all the moments. "People 
want to come to the stadium and
 we have to give these supporters
 a chance to cheer," he said. 
We have to win and give them 
some good gifts. We need the 
support of our supporters. "

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