September 29, 2021 || 9:58 pm

Bonucci reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s negative impact on Juventus

Says some pla’yers relied too much on the No.7 to win games.


Ronaldo achieved a lot at Juve’ntus. He won the Serie A title twice, the Copp’a’ Ital’ia and the Supercoppa Italiana as well. In 134 games for the cl’ub, ‘he sco’red 101 times.

But, the Portugue’se left T’urin this past summe’r, havi’ng tried to force an exit for mu”ch of the tra’nsfer window. Thin’gs also went wrong for both Ronaldo and Juve’ntus duri’ng his time there and now defender Leonard’o Bonucci has shed some ligh’t on what happened.


This was the thing, the ide’a that one player, even the best in the world, could guarantee Juventu’s victory,” Bon’ucci told The Athletic.

Ronaldo‘s presen’ce had a big influence on us. Just trai’ning with him gave us somet’hing ex’tra, but subconscio’usly playe’rs started to think his pres’ence alone was enough to win games.’

“We began to fall a li’ttle short in our daily work, th’e hum’ility, the sacrifice, the desire to be there for your teamm’ates day after day. Over the last few yea’rs, I think you could see that.”

Although Ronal’do had his moments at Juve’ntus and undoubt’edly pla’yed his part, Bonucci believes that he needed his teammates as m’uch as they needed him to succeed.

“Last seas’on, we fin’ished fourth and wo’n the Coppa Ital’ia because we became a te’am ag’ain,” Bonucci explained.

“If you had thro’wn a pie’ce of wood in the dres’sing r’oom before those gam’es it would have caught fire such wa’s the electricity runni’ng thr’ough it.

“We mi’ssed th’at. May’be it was taken for granted that if we gave the ball to Ron’aldo the’n he’d win us the ga’me.

“But Ron’aldo need’ed the team as much as we nee’ded h’im. There had to be a tr’ade-‘off because it’s the team that lifts the indi’vidual even if the individ’ual is the best playe’r on the pla’net.”

Guardiola dreams

At one time, Bonu’cci was considered to be t’he best defender in Europe and w’as linked with a move to Manch’ester City ahead of joining AC Mil’an in an ill-fa’ted switch. That, th’ough, wasn’t the only time the t’wo came close to work’ing toget’her.

“I had this drea’m of bei’ng coached by Pep,” Bon’ucci said.

“The close’st we ca’me wa’s in 2016. I was on the bri’nk of joining City. We were do’wn to the’ very last details and’ then Juve’ntus decided not to sell. We de’cided to stay together.

“Then whe’n I w’ent to AC M’ilan. I could have gone to City, but several things had to f’all into place for it to happen. I’d also giv’en my word to AC Milan.

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