September 6, 2021 || 9:28 am

Brazil-Argentina match postponed.But why?

Concerns arose soon after Brazilian health officials appeared on the scene over allegations of quarantine breaches. In the end, that is what happened. The fight between Brazil and Argentina has been postponed.


Conmebol, the governing body of Latin American football, said in a tweet on Sunday that the match referee had postponed the FIFA World Cup qualifier.

“The match referee and the match commissioner will report to the FIFA disciplinary committee. Based on that, the next step will be decided. This process will proceed in strict accordance with the current rules. ”

“The FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Only that organization has all the decision power in this regard. ”


Claudio Tapia, head of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), reacted angrily to the postponement of the match in the first few minutes in the face of objections from Brazilian health officials.


What happened today is very unfortunate for football. It’s too bad for the image of the game. Four people disrupted the game by giving a notice and told the convincing players to leave the locker room. ”

“No one can tell a lie. Because, there are health laws under which Latin American tournaments are played. The health authorities of each country approve this protocol and I fully comply with it. ”

For now, Tapia is giving the most importance to bringing the players out of Brazil


“At the moment, bringing the players back to the country is of utmost importance to us. We have brought forward the time of the charter flight to bring them back to Argentina. ”


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni was disappointed with the postponement of the match. According to him, there was no way to disrupt the game after it started.
“I am here to tell the people what happened. It hurts me a lot. I did not come to blame anyone. But even if something happens, it was not the time to interrupt. ”

It should have been a festival ground for all. The best players in the world were supposed to enjoy the game. I want the Argentines to understand that as a coach, I have to protect my players. ”

The visiting coach claims that none of the four footballers who have officially played in the Premier League have objected to playing in the Brazil match.

“We have never been told they will not be able to play. We wanted to play the match, the Brazilian footballers too. ”



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