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Brazil vs Columbia football highlight and match summary..2-1

Colombia held on for a long time after moving forward in the beginning. The hope is to give Brazil a taste of the forgotten rate. But in the end, the hosts turned around. Tito’s side remained victorious with goals from Roberto Firmino and Casimiro.

Let’s see Brazil vs Colombia football match highlight….2-1


Brazil beat Group B 2-1 at the Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. After a two-match draw against Colombia, they were able to win this time.

The 2014 World Cup saw a record between the two teams. Most World Cup matches – 54 fouls. This match was also full of fouls.

Brazil played offensive football from the start of the match which started on Thursday morning during Bangladesh time. According to coach Reynaldo Rueda, Colombia play counter-attack football with a solid defense.


Luis Dias took the first good chance of the match and put Colombia ahead with a great goal. Juan Cuadrado made an excellent cross in the far post in the tenth minute. Wilmer Barrios did not reach the ball by jumping. The unprotected Dias behind him finds a great bicycle kick. Brazil goalkeeper Waverton had nothing to do.


Brazil was well ahead in possession of the ball. The attack was ahead. But in the first half, they could not take any test of the goalkeeper by breaking the defense of Colombia. At this point the hosts had only one goal in mind. In the 40th minute, Richardson’s weak head was easily controlled by goalkeeper David Ospina.


Counter-attacks occasionally spread fear in Colombia. However, after moving forward, they could not take any more shots for the goal.

For the first time in nine matches, Brazil made a change in formation early in the second half. Moved from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2. Firmino replaces Everton Ribeiro. Leads the attacking speed of the hosts.

Colombia wrapped themselves up even more in the second half. Most of the time half of them were 21 footballers.


In the 55th minute, they had a great opportunity to equalize. Neymar reached the ball before the defender in the D-box. But he could not avoid the careful Aspina.

Brazil could not equalize for a while in the 66th minute. Firmino finds Neymar near the penalty spot. Aspina came out of the line to stop this star forward of PSG. Neymar avoided him and moved to the right but he could not send the ball into the empty net. His shot failed to hit the post.


In the 74th minute, Firmino’s strong head was caught in the cross of Renan Lodhi by the hand of Ospinar. Earlier, when Neymar’s shot hit the referee, the Colombian players stopped the game. However, the referee indicated to continue the game.


That’s when Lodi added a Brazilian ball. His cross is the goal. Colombian footballers protested against the cancellation of the goal. With the help of VAR, Argentine referee Nestor Pitana blew the whistle for the goal, but the protest of Aspina-Cuadrado did not stop.
When the game started five minutes after the goal, the situation became more heated.

After the return of equality, Brazil became more energetic. They also went ahead in the tenth minute of the added 10 minutes. Casimiro found the net with a nice header in Neymar’s corner.


Five of the seven goals in the previous two matches were scored by Brazil in the second half. This match was the third consecutive victory with two goals. They are at the top with 9 points.

Colombia is currently at number two with 4 points from 4 matches. Peru, who drew 2-2 against Ecuador, have three points from three matches.

Ecuador has four with two points. Venezuela in five with equal points.

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