February 20, 2021 || 9:45 am

Is City giving “5*1*0*8” crore rupees to Messi? The English club says something else

Barcelona was busy with PSG. On and off the field.


They have spent the last few weeks preparing for the last 16 match with the French team in the Champions League.


In the first leg at home, Barca 4-1 goal rate says that it did not bring much benefit.


And Messi was busy off the field. Barcelona star has been wanting to get PSG for a long time.


Whenever the opportunity arises after this January, the team has publicly expressed interest in getting Messi.


Barcelona has repeatedly warned PSG about this.


Ever said, PSG has not got the mentality of a big club yet, so they are behaving like that.


Messi has once again raised the issue of his salary, saying that PSG is vio*lating the rules of financial compatibility, and they will take it to FIFA.


All in all, if someone took Messi from Barcelona, ​​it was PSGE – such an idea was created.


In the meantime, the English media published.


Almost all English newspapers quoted The Sun yesterday as saying that City had already sent Messi an offer of 4*3*0 million.



In the next five years, they want to pay Messi 5 thousand 106 crore in Bangladeshi value for salary and allowance! However, Manchester City is denying the veracity of such reports.


When Messi wanted to leave Barca last August, the English club seemed to be in the lead to get Messi due to the presence of Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.


Messi’s ability to pay big salaries is also the only team in world football other than Man City, PSG.


At that time PSG was not being caught in a big way.

But Messi stayed in Barcelona.


And as the season progresses, the buzz of PSG has become heavier.


Neymar says he wants to play for Messi at a club next season.


PSG’s two Argentines Anhel Di Maria and Leandro Pardes have also said that they are ‘excited’ to play with Messi.


After Argentina’s Mauricio Pachettino joined PSG as coach in January, Messi’s future at the club suddenly became ‘no’ in discussions with Manchester City.


Pachettino sang Messi’s praises whenever he got the chance. His dream is to coach Messi, he told everyone.


Barcelona also repeatedly warned PSG to stop shouting at Messi.


The fact that City may want to take Messi is not in anyone’s mind!



Meanwhile, Sun reported that City has offered to get Messi.


Since Barcelona will be released from the contract in June, there will be no cost for City to take the Argentine forward who will go to study on June 34.
Instead, the focus is on how much Messi can be paid.


The city wants to pay 430 million over five years. He will play in Manchester City for the first two years.



Messi will play for New York City for the rest of his contract (three years in New York if he is two years in City, and two years in New York if he is three years in City).


Messi will also work as a brand ambassador for the city.


Such a news spread in the British media yesterday.


Spanish newspapers also took the news seriously. Because, last season, Messi wanted to pay 600 million pounds for City.


The news became more credible as he reduced the number during the coronation period. But the city has blown such news.


A spokesman for the club told Goal.com that they had not sent any proposals for Messi and were not in talks with him.


However, according to the terms of Messi’s contract, the captain of the team can now talk to any club outside Spain if he wants. With six months left in the contract, Barcelona will not be able to object.


Messi, however, said in January that he would not talk to any other club before June.


He will take a decision when the contract expires in June.


Meanwhile, as there is no club president, the talks of renewing Messi’s contract are not progressing.


Whether Victor Fonta or Juan Laporta wins the Barcelona presidential election on March 6, their first task will be to persuade Messi to stay in Barcelona.

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