November 9, 2021 || 5:54 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo could demand Man Utd transfer exit if results continue to worsen

Cristiano Ronaldo has be’en a shining light amid Man’chester United’s turbulent seas’on so far.



Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t retu’rn to Manchester United to play in the Europa League. And wit’h the Red Devils stuck in a rut un’der Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, tha’t’s the fate that could fall on the Por’tugal international. Ther’efore, it’s not entirely out of the qu’estion he’ll demand to leave the club at the end of the seas’on if the’y find themselves stuc’k in Europe’s second-tier clu’b comp’etition next term.



United signed Ron’aldo during the summer transfer win’dow.

The Portugal inter’national had looked set to jo’in Manchester City, especially after Pep Gu’ardiola missed out on secu’ring the services of Totten’ham hitman Harry Kane.



But United won the rac’e for Ronaldo instead and, upon returning, the Portu’gal international outlin’ed a desire to stay for three or 4 years.

“This is why I am h’ere,” said Ronaldo.

“I am not he:re f’or a vacation. As I told you, be’fore was good, winning impo’rtant things and I wore the shi’rt before m”any years ago, but I am here to win aga:in.



“I am capa:ble, me an:d my team-mates. I am rea:dy to go, I am ready to go. It is a go’od chance for me, for the supp’orters, for the club, to get 1 step ahead.



“I am capable, me and ‘my team-mates. I am rea”dy to go, I am ready to go. It is a good chance for me, for the su’pporters, for the club, to get 1 step ahead.

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