September 22, 2021 || 9:29 am

Cristiano Ronaldo flies at the age of 36 with a 32.51 km/h sprint

It seems that age does not aff’ect Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo, as his nu’mbers keep rising even as he gro’ws older. The Manche’ster United man has scored four goals in his’ last three games against Newc’astleWest Ham and You’ng Boys, hitti”ng the grou’nd run’ning since returning to Old Trafford.

In the most rece’nt game, the No.7 even sho’wed some of his old pace, hitti’ng a top speed of 32.51 km/h during one sprint. That mea’nt he finished the game as the fa’stest footballer on the pitch, beating Aaron Wan-Biss’aka and Jar’rod B’owen.


Manch’ester Un’ited ma’nager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘prai_sed Ronaldo after his performance again’st West Ham.

Ron_aldo feels the big mo’ments and he is ruthless,” the coach said.

“He is le’thal and has lif’ted everyone’s game


He ‘ out da’nger and has become a gre’at team player and a great goalsco’rer.”

Thank’s to his contribution, Manch’ester United are currently atop the Pre’mier League on 13 points alongside Liverpool and’ Chel’sea, with the Red Devils exten’ding their record to 29 aw’ay games’ unbe’aten in the league.



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