September 23, 2021 || 7:55 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo form supports Juventus theme but Manchester United test awaits

The Portuguese strik’er is at his most dangerous when his team are strong favourites.


Cristiano Ron’aldo has made a blistering start to his’ seco’nd spell at Manchester United as a ‘player, scoring four goal’s from three starts against ‘ Uni’ted, Young Boys and West Ham United.’

His immediate imp’act will not be a surprise for many sup’porters who watched him at Old Traff’ord over a decade ago, as he’s ‘posted remarkable scoring num’bers through’out his car’eer.


However, Ronaldo’s early fo’rm for the Red Devils captures a running theme that he began to estab’lish in his final year at Juve’ntus, with the Portuguese inclined to pros’per against lesser oppo’sition.

In his final Serie A cam’paign in 2020/21, Ronaldo scored at least a brace in nine matc’hes against seven differ’ent sides: Crot’one, Parma, Genoa, Spezia, AS Roma, Cagliari on two occas’ions, and Udinese on two occa’sions.


Those teams ended the sea’son with an average position of aro’und 15th in the Italian top-flight table.

Ronaldo scor’ed two goals ag’ainst 16th-placed Cagl’iari and a hat-trick when the two si’des met again, while scoring braces aga’inst Palma, who finis’hed 20th, and Crotone, who fini’shed 19th.


He failed to score in a select number of matches last se’ason, including both fixt’ures against AC Milan and Fiore’ntina, as well as games against N’apoli, Inter and Atalanta.


The 36 year-old is yet to be tes’ted against elite opposition in Eng’land since his retu’rn to Ma’nchester, but it is interes’ting to note h’ow he seems to have thri’ved aga’inst weaker oppon’ents with age.


With Aston Villa set to m’ake the trip to Old Trafford on Satu’rday followed by Eve’rton next week’end, Ronaldo sho’uld be expected to pers’ist’ with his ability to find the net, althou’gh a tougher run follows after.

Proceeding the next intern’ational break, United will face Leic’ester City, Liverpool, Totte’nham and Manchester City over the c’ourse of four league cont’ests, with two Champions League bouts’ again”st Atalanta in betw’een.


Ronaldo’s innate abi’lity to find the net will truly be test’ed in those clashes but in the mea’ntime, it is reasonable to sugg”est that his scoring run is likely to cont’inue.




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