September 28, 2021 || 3:00 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo imposes his menu on Manchester United chef but teammates aren’t pleased

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United return has already changed things at the Red Devils, and not all of those things have been easily accepted at the club.

The signing of the Portuguese had a huge financial impact on United, but he is also making his presence felt in the dressing room, and not all of his teammates are delighted by some of the changes he is forcing.


According to The Sun, Cristiano has imposed his own menu onto the Manchester United chef, and some of his chosen dishes haven’t gone down well with his teammates.

“He likes it and it works with his diet, but the others don’t like it,” a source at the club told the newspaper.

Cristiano is very focused and the cooks are trying to help.”

One of the new dishes on the menu is bacalhau, a Portuguese dish of dried and salted cod with eggs.


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