September 21, 2021 || 9:59 am

Cristiano Ronaldo is proving age is no barrier as the 36-year-old is clearly still one of the greatest athletes on the planet.

He conti”nues to wow fans by his ability with his reco”rd setting displays and scores goals in what should be his twil’ight years.

The Portug’al capta’in could quite easily be forgiven’ for turning his back on top-flight footb’all and enjoy’ing semi-retire’ment, racking up num’bers in MLS or the Far East much like other lege’nds of the game, includ’ing Ronaldo and Zine’dine Zida’ne, did.


Those two afore’mentioned legends had hung up their boots by the time they ‘were 35. At 36, thoug’h, Ro’naldo can’t get e’nough of scorin’g goals.


He is now internati”onal football’s top scori’ng pla’yer of all time, brea’king Ali Daei’s long standing reco’rd and is ready to prove to the Prem’ier League’ he is far from finish’ed.


An unbrea’kable min’dset is somethin’g the new Man’chester Unite’d man has deve’loped throu’ghout the co’urse of his career to take hi’m to the very top.


And teamm’ate Lee G’rant explai’ned the impact he is already havi’ng in the chang’ing room.


Before his debut, agai’nst Newcastle Unit’ed which brou’ght two goals, he w’as with the players in the tea’m hotel and d’inner had just been finish’ed.


“You’ve got so’me ap’ple crumble or you’ve got a bit of brownie and cream’ or what not,” the goalkeep’er told talkS’PORT.


“I tell you now, not one pl’ayer touched the apple crum’ble and custard, not one play’er went up for that br’ownie b’ecause everyb’ody was sa’t down and one of the lads said to me, ‘What has Cristia’no got on his pla’te?’


“So we were ha’ving a litt’le goosey gan’der at what he has got and obvio’usly it is the clean’est, most hea’lthy plate you can im’agine.


“And it just crac’ked me up ho’w not one single’ player dared get up and have tha’t junk food ‘that was laid out.”


And with his rock-sold me’ntal appro’ach, it mean’s he has been able to conti’nue to outper’form the game’s youn’ger players.


From a scra’wny teenager who spent plen’ty of time on the Old Traff’ord turf, the 5 time Ba’llon d’Or winn”er has transf’ormed every sinew and fi’bre of his being to raw muscle.


But despite his impec’cable physique, Ron’aldo does not spend every wa’king mome’nt lifting weights, doing sit-ups and chug’ging prot’ein shakes.


Below, talkSP’ looks at how Ronaldo’ rema’ins in prime shape, with tips fro’m the man himself.




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