September 18, 2021 || 9:26 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo is the ‘greatest of all time,’ says Neville – but Carragher says he’s ‘carried away’ by Man Utd return !

But Jamie Carrag’her fired back insisting Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer of all time.


Neville play’ed with the Portu’guese superstar for Ronald’o’s six yea’rs at Man’chester United between 2003 and 2009.


And he set out his stall in Team Cristiano Ronaldo on Mon’day Night Football.


Nev said: “I’ve alw’ays ignor’ed the Ronaldo and Messi ques’tion, it’s a bit of a fanta’sy and both need to be enjoy’ed.


“I was asked this morn’ing by a gentlem’an who was driving me in If you could pic’k any player in history to come off the be’nch and win you a game, who wo’uld it be? “It would absol’utely be Cristiano  Ronaldo. I do think he’s the greatest football player that has ever lived. That is not a bias.


“Messi is a ridicul’ous player who’s scored an obscene amo’unt of goals. It’s incred’ibly similar (on the stats) apart from the wr’ong-foot’ed goals, the hea”ders, and the penalties.


“That takes me to a point whereby he’s more comp’lete in terms of the most important part of the game.


“What tips me is the interna’tional record, the most goals of all-time, and the five Champ’ions Leagues with worse tea’ms than Messi’s.”


Although the grap’hic used by Sky Sports omitted one of Messi’s Champ’ions Leagues and his Copa America trium’ph, Ronaldo does boss the internati’onal goals stats.


The 36-year-old reached 111 strikes for Port’ugal du’ring the recent World Cup qual’ifiers, surpassi’ng Iran hero Ali Daei on the all-time inter’national scorers’ chart.


Overall, Ronaldo boasts 787 goals in 1,076 career matc’hes – inclu’ding two on his Manch’ester United return on Saturday – whereas Messi, two years you’nger, is on 751 in 932.


Carrag’her, though, reckons the Argentine deser’ves the prize in the age-old argu’ment.


The Liverpool lege’nd replie’d: “Ronaldo is not the gre’atest player of all time. I’m going to say it’s his mate here (Messi).


“It doesn’t matter how a ball goes in the net, Messi has more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi is also a playmaker, he can run a game, Cristiano Ronaldo can’t do that.


Talk about who you want com’ing off the bench, Messi h’as scored more goals comi’ng off the bench, so that’s a ridicu’lous thing you’ve said there.


“Cristiano Ronaldo does things other players can do, Messi does things we’ve never see’n before. In terms of the goalsc’oring that’s not right.


“There’s been a lot of fanfare about Ronaldo from ex-pla’yers, I just think you’ve just got car’ried away.”



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