October 2, 2021 || 2:21 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Manchester United training fun – in pictures

Ole Gunnar Solskj’aer’s side face quick turnaround again’st fifth-placed Evert’on in the Premi’er Leag’ue

Manchester United training….

Manchester United training click to watch now


Cristiano Ro’naldo led his Manc’hester Un’ited te’am-mates in a light-hea’rted trai’ning session as they prep’ared to fac’e Ever’ton on Saturday.

United sit in fou’rth pla’ce in the Premier Leag’ue, a point behind leaders Liv’erpool, and will encou’nter a stif’f test aga’inst an Everton side just one pl’ace behind them.


Ole Gunnar Solsk’jaer’s side face a quick turna’round after their Champ’ions Lea’gue win against Villarreal on Wedn’esday and the manager hope’s the fa’ns wil’l help them get over any fat’igue.

“The cro’wd’s goi’ng to have to help,” said Solsk’jaer. “Tha’t’s impor’tant, and I kno’w they will.”

Marcus Rash’ford join’ed Ronal’do, Br’uno Ferna’ndes and th’e oth’er United stars in fu’ll trai’ning after a rece’nt shoul”der operation and shoul’d be ava’ilable afte’r the interna’tional bre’ak.

“Marcus trai’ned full’y for the first time with cont’act,” Solskjaer. “There wer’e a few tac’kles flying in on him’ and he seem’ed okay, which was nice to see. Mar’cus is fit, he’s w’orked re’ally hard.”

Pic’tures of the Blu’es stars in traini’ng can be se’en in the gallery above, To see the nex’t im’age, just swipe.




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