October 3, 2021 || 7:34 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo move was right decision at wrong time from Solskjaer and Manchester United

Manchester United o’pted to name Cristi’ano Ronaldo on the be’nch agai’nst Eve’rton at Old Tra’fford.


Full m’arks for the idea. Zero marks for the tim’ing or exec”ution.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not star’t the Premier League cla’sh aga’inst Everton this Satu’rday lunchtime – but he ‘still took ce’ntre stage at Old Traff’ord for reas’ons bey’ond his control.


And no, I don’t m’ean th’at woeful atte’mpt from An’dros Townsend to repli’cate his iconi’c ‘Siiuuu’ celebr’ation.

Ronaldo Fever has sw’ept ac’ross the UK as the 5 time Ballo’n d’Or winner continues to sett’le back in these sho’res follo’wing THAT sensational ‘ret’urn to Manchester United from Juventus during the sum’mer trans’fer wind’ow.


Even at 36, he rem’ains in peak condition phys’ically.

Not only th’at, the Real Madrid-great rema’ins capable of producing ‘match-defining moments on the bigg’est stage – as those who atten’ded the midweek Champions League vict’ory over Villarr’eal will no dou”bt testify. For lack of any bette’r term, Ronaldo helped Uni’ted exact revenge for Gdan’sk.


Despite mainta’ining a pla’ce at the top table, the’re are occasions when Ronaldo nee’ds to be held back.


Hindsight is a wonde’rful thin’g, of course, but the Sat’urday lunchtime encou’nter with Everton was not the time nor pla’ce for su’ch action, no matter w’hat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer mi”ght have declared during post-match formal’ities with natio’nal and loc’al m’edia.


It was the rig’ht decis’ion, only he made it at the wro’ng time.


Did you see hi’m at the Euros? He sta’rts eve’ry gam’e for his country in a sho’rter per’iod of ti’me, he’s playi’ng foot’ball now bec’ause he’s look’ed af’ter hims’elf over time, his game’s changed, his game’s evolved, you don’t run aro’und like a cra’zy pe’rson.

“He pic’ks his mom’ents so he mana’ges his bo’dy in-game. For me today didn’t feel lik’e that time of ga’me to re’st your star man. It felt like a ga’me to get done go into the international brea’k top of the league and then if we can ma’nage him in ano’ther way we’ll talk about it then.”

That’s the dam’ning asses’sment from BT Sp’ort pun’dit and’ former Tottenh’am midf’ielder Jermaine Jenas.

And, you have to say, he’s pretty much ba’ng on.

United supp’orters who splash out their hard-ea’rned cash will, no doubt, be disappo’inted wh’en making the visit to Old Trafford only to disc’over that Ron’aldo isn’t on the tea’m sheet.


Ultimately, thou’gh, th’ere will generally be an und’erstanding for the situa’tion. Not this time.

Ronaldo nee’ds to have his mi’nutes managed, of cou’rse, while other play’ers suc’h as Edinson Cava’ni still war’rant an opportunity to show what they c’an do.

In some respe’cts, team sele’ction was (about) justified in that it enabled Anthony Martial to ma’ke his mar’k whe’n all ap’peared lost for his Old Trafford ca’reer – but that’s ano’ther deb’ate en’tirely.

Was it the right deci’sion to rest Ronaldo? Have yo’ur say in the comments section below.

Uni’ted wi’ll now hea’d into the intern’ational break on a whimper, when they co’uld have b’een top of the pile.

Rona”ldo sitti’ng on the bench is not the sole rea’son for t’hat, of course, but ‘his inclusion a’nd would-be vict’ory may’ have done more for the mo’od tha’n si’mply three points.

Above all, as the Portug’uese icon prepa’res to tea’m-up with his coun’try, perh’aps an i’mpending friendly with Qa’tar and a World Cup quali’fier aga’inst minn’ows Luxemb’ourg underlines a better opportu’nity to achi’eve what Solskjaer wante’d all alo’ng for the United super’star?

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