November 7, 2021 || 10:21 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘must be so frustrated’ with ‘embarrassing’ Man United because ‘Manchester will be blue for a long time

Gabby Agbonlahor belie’ves Cristiano Ronaldo wi’ll be ‘so frustrated’ as he lab’elled Manchester Unite’d ‘embarras’sing’ for their derby defeat to riva’ls Man City.

An Eric Bailly o’wn g’oal and a timid strike from B’ernardo Silva were enough to con’sign Ole Gunnar Solsk’jaer’s side to yet another defeat at Old Trafford, just a fortnight af’ter being thumped by Liverpool.

Solskjaer had cal’led the loss to Liverpool the da’rkest day of his near 3-ye’ar reign and the manner of th’is loss to their neigh’bours will lead to ren’ewed pressure during the internatio’nal break.


Only three points separ’ated these sides before kick-off but the gulf in quality and applic’ation soon became clear as Jo’ao Cancelo was given time to swi’ng in a cross that Bailly turned into his own goal inside 7 min’utes.

A string of superb Da’vid De Gea saves prevented thi’ngs getting as ugly as they had ag’ainst Liverpool, but dominant City d’eservedly added another be’fore the break as Silva got behind Lu’ke Shaw to turn in a ball from Cancelo.

United were poor in def’ence and lacked control in poss’ession as Solskjaer’s me”ek side failed to muster a resp’onse, leading to a smattering of boos at the final whistle.




Ronaldo looked isola’ted and dejected at tim’es up front, earning a booking late on for a petulant challenge on Ke’vin De Bruyne for his troubles.

Agbonlahor insi’sts the 36-year-old looks frustra’ted and dismissed claims he is ‘sav’ing’ Solskjaer’s job, instead cl’aiming the former Real Madrid man would rather be playing for City.

“I don’t think he is sav’ing his job though, because ther’e are talks that Conte didn’t ev’en get asked for the job.

“There’s no one else th’at’s even been talked ab’out, so I don’t think Ronaldo has sav’ed his job.



I just think Rona’ldo is d’oing what he has been brou’ght to do; score goals.

“You could see his frust’ration today. There was one clip wh”ere he booted the ball aw’ay, he keeps making fouls and getting yellow cards, it’s not like Ronaldo – he’s frustrated.

“He wants to be in th’at City team with De Bruyne put’ting in crosses in, he’s getting [Aaron] Wan-Bissaka, who kee’ps hit’ting the first man with every single cross.

“He must be so frust’rated in that team.”


With Antonio Conte mo’ving to Tottenham Hotspur in the week, questions about Unit’ed’s direction are once again being a’sked under Solskjaer and the Gla’zer family.

With the chasm betw’een the Premier League elite’ growing between this Unit’ed team, Agbonlahor clai’med the pendulum of pow’er has swung firmly towards the Eti’had and would remain that way for the foreseeable.

“That game was emb’arrassing for Manchester Un”ited,” he added. “For me, you can no l’onger call that game a derby.

“A derby is where it is ‘tight, teams are putting in tackles, not one Manchester United player made a tackle.



Honestly, it was emba’rrassing from every single Man’chester United player. You ju’st look at it and you think, ‘’ Man City playing a keep ball session’?’

“We used to play ke’ep ball sessions for Villa w’here, if you made ten pass’es, you scored a goal. That’s w’hat it was like second half, Manch’ester City not even trying to get ano’ther goal.

“It was embarras’sing for Manchester United and, hon’estly, Manchester will be bl’ue for a long time.”





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