September 17, 2021 || 11:42 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo red cards: Man Utd star reduced to tears after Juventus incident in 2018

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Cristiano Ronaldo red card:


Cristiano Ronaldo has been sent off more times than most supporters would initi’ally think.

Yes, it’s no secret that the Portuguese star can lose his temp’er from time to time, thou’gh that has admitt’edly been the case less and less recen’tly, there aren’t many red cards that im’mediately leap to min’d.

Neverth’eless, many of Ronaldo‘s red cards make for intri’guing viewi’ng because of the 11 dismiss’als that the 36-year-old has rack’ed up in his car’eer, very few of them wou’ld be descri’bed as routi’ne.


Ronaldo dismissals

Besid’es, it spea’ks volu’mes that the first time Ronaldo was every given his mar:ching ord:ers came when he picke:d up a second yello’w card for scoop-lobb:ing a goalke’eper after the refer:ee’s whistle.


And who can for’get wh’en Ronaldo was slapped with a five-match ban for pushing a match official mere seco’nds after be’ing given a red card dur’ing El Cla’sico?

How’ever, to Ronaldo’s cred’it, he has now gone 3 years without being sent for an early bath and even that most recent of dism’issals wasn’t exa’ctly one that you’d call cut and dry.


Ronaldo’s infamous red card

But that’s cert’ainly not to say that it wasn’t note-wor’thy beca’use to remark that Ronaldo reacted strongly to the red card would be the mother of all unders’tatements.


Yes, we are – of course – talk’ing about when Ronaldo was sent back to the dr’essing room during Juvent’us’ Champ’ions League tie at Valen’cia duri’ng the 2018/19 season.

Referee Felix Brych sent the 5 time Ball’on d’Or winn’er packi’ng for suppo’sedly pullin’g the hair of Jeison Murillo when the pair tangled off the ball duri’ng the first-half.







Ronaldo’s emotional reaction

It was certai’nly a contro’versial red card and when Ronaldo learnt his puni’shment, he proc’eeded to produce an incredibly animated reacti’on that culm’inated with’ him visibly cryi’ng on the pitch.


It real’ly did make for a dra’matic Champions League mom’ent regard’less of whether or not you think Ronaldo shou’ld have been sent off.


You cert’ainly can’t fault Ronaldo for not putting all of his emotion into the game.

Ronaldo buys iMacs for Juve squad

However, the Port’uguese’s woes didn’t end there beca’use not only was he for’ced to deal with the disap’pointment of being sent off, but it also me’ant that he had to spla’sh the cash on his team’mates.


Yes, that’s ri’ght, beca’use the Mirror repo’rted that Maximiliano Allegri’s rules at the Allianz Stadium dictated that any player was giv’en a red card had to buy a gift for the other mem’bers of the squad.


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Wojci’ech Szczes’ny repor’tedly told Polish tele’vision: “Yes, we all have one. It took a long time because he couldn’t pro’cess the red card and he insis’ted that he had done noth’ing wrong.

“It took a little [time], 2 months, but finally we all recei’ved an iMac.”

So, from sheddi’ng tears at the Mestalla to splas’hing the cash in Turin, it’s fair to say that Ronaldo must have regret’ted maki’ng any cont’act with Murill’o at all.

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