October 28, 2021 || 10:31 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant with TWINS

It’s TWINS! Footb’aller Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, and pregnant Geor’gina Rodriguez, 27, share scan pictures as they ‘prepare to beco’me pare’nts of 6


  • The Manchester Unit’ed star, 36, shared the new’s with fans on Instagra’m on Thur’sday, and gush’ed their ‘hea’rts ar’e full of love’
  • Georgina shares dau’ghter Alana, three, with Cris”tiano, and the Manchester Uni’ted star also has son Cristi’ano Jnr, 11, and twins Eva and Ma’teo, four¬†
  • Georgina and foo’tballer Cristiano fam’ously met while she was w’orking as a retail assista’nt in Madrid in 2016¬†
  • They announced the’ birth of their first child’ together in November ‘2017, four months after he anno’unced he’d welcomed twins via. sur’rogate .


Cristiano Ronaldo‘s girlfri’end Georgina Rodriguez is pre’gnant with twins.

The Manche’ster Unit’ed star, 36, shared the news with fans on Instagram on Thursda’y, and gushed th’eir ‘hea’rt’s are full of love.’


Ronaldo, who will welc’ome his second and third chil’d with Georgina, 27, wro’te: ‘Delighted to announce w’e a’re expecting twins. Our h’earts are full’ of love – we can’t wa’it to mee’t you.’


Ronaldo’s post sho’wed himself and Georgina proudly’ showing their twins’ ultra’sounds, along with an imag’e of his four children swimming together.


The Argenti’nian bea’uty sh’ared the same imag’es and caption on her own grid.

Georgina shares dau’ghter Alana, three, with Cri’stiano, and the Manchest’er Unit’ed star also has son Cristi’ano Jn’r, 11, and twins Eva and M’ateo, four.


Minutes after t’he M’an Uni’ted striker sha’red the news, his mother Dolores ‘Aveiro wrote: ‘Let my grandchildr’en be born ‘healthy. That’s what m’atters ‘the most.’

The 66-year-old, w’ho suff’ered a life-threatening stroke last year, posted the ‘tw’ins’ ultrasounds on her Inst’agram Story around the same tim’e along with’ an applause emoji.


Georgina’s elder sist’er Iva’na, who confirmed’ in Ju’ly she was expecting h’er firs’t child with her painter an’d sc’ulptor partner Carlos Garcia, also congratulated the footballer and his partner.

They wro’te the co’uple’s Instagra’ms in Spanish: ‘Congra’tulations, fa’mily’ followed by two heart emojis.

It comes after Geor’gina revealed she wants Crist’iano to propose in a teaser for he’r new fly-on-the-wall Netflix ser’ies.

In the trailer sh’e is badgered by pals about wh’ether or not Cristiano, 36, wi’ll pop the question in the video.

‘It doesn’t depen’d on me… I wish,’ she tells her fri’ends over dinner, giving a knowin’g nod to her boyfrie’nd.

She then sa’ys ‘Ojala’ – a Spanish term that loose’ly translates into ‘Should God w”ill it’ and ‘Let’s hope so’.


The show, calle’d Soy Georgina, follows her at ho’me, with her family, and at eve’nts with friends.


Last mo’nth Georg’ina and Ronaldo relocated to the U’K after the sports star return’ed to h’is old club Manchester United.

Ronaldo’s oldest son Cristi’ano Jnr was born in the United States in 2010 but imm’ediat’ely taken back to Mad”rid t’o be ra’ised in Spain. The identity of his mo”ther is unknown.

In June 2017, the R’eal Ma’drid star then surprised fans wi’th the news he’d welcomed twi’ns Eva and Mateo throu’gh a surrogate, and just one month’ later he and Georgina announc’ed they were expecting the’ir fi’rst child together.’

Asked by Spanish public’ation El Mundo wheth’er he was ‘happy’ to be expecting again, he said: ‘Yes, very muc’h.’


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