September 22, 2021 || 9:05 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother’s transfer wish for son after Man Utd spell “before I die”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mot’her has revea’led her last wish for her son either before he han’gs up his bo’ots or she dies.


Portug’uese super’star R’onaldo rejoined Manchester Uni’ted over the sum’mer in a highly exciting return to Old Tra’fford.


The former Real Ma’drid and Juventus man sho’uld be hitting the twilight of his car’eer.


But the 36-year-old ap’pears to be going from stre’ngth-to-s’trength despite his age, havi”ng scored four goals in his fir’st 3 games for United.


It was thou’ght that Uni’ted would probably be his fi’nal’ club before he retires, ha’ving broken through on the big stage at Old Traf’ford.


Aveiro, wh”o has a very clo’se relationship wi”th her son, is a big Sporting Lisbon fan, R”onaldo’s 1st club.


And she has made no rese’rvations in her pas’sion for him to return to his boy’hood side dur’ing her lifetime.


Spea’king on the Spor’ting Clube de Portu'”gal podcast, she said: “Ron’aldo has to co’me back here.


“If it were my choi”ce, he would alre”ady be here. He likes to watch Spor”ting g”ames.



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