September 25, 2021 || 7:44 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum denies rocky relationship with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother Dolo’res Aveiro has rubbished rumours that she has a tum’ultuous relationship with her son’s long term partner Geor’gina Rodriguez.


The Manchester Unit’ed superstar has been with Geor’gina, 27, for the last five years and ‘they have one child together, Ala’na.


The two, along with Ro”naldo’s four children have all mo’ved to Manchester aft’er the Portuguese forward seal’ed an emotional Old Trafford ret’urn.


And appearing on Sp’orting’s ADN de Leao podcast, Dolo’res spoke in glowing terms abou’t her son’s partner.


“Yes, yes, she’s a goo’d girl,” she began. “Cristiano is ‘an exemplary father but he has pe’ople to help. The children have n’annies and they have staff who ‘do a lot of things.


“Four kids are a lot of w’ork. Georgina is a great sup’port to Cristiano, no doubt abo’ut it.”


In an open and honest inter’view, Dolores, 66, opene’d up on the stroke she suffer’ed last year which took away her s’ense of smell and taste.


After battling bre’ast cancer, she suffered a stroke in Mar’ch 2020, where she was given life-s’aving treatment after bei’ng ru’shed to hospital.


Dolores claims she has y’et to fully recover from that in’cident, but that has done little t’o dampen her love for the sport he’r son has been at the top of for alm’ost two decades.


“I adore football,” she continued. “If you invite me to dinner’ and there’s a match on, I w’on’t go to eat and I’ll stay in and wa’tch the game instead. Even if Ron’aldo’s not playing, I’m always watching.”


A huge Sporting fan, Dol’ores has made it clear that she’ wants Cristiano to retu’rn to his boyhood club before she di’es.


“Ronaldo has to come ba’ck here, if it was up to me he’d be here already,” Dolores add’ed. “He likes watching Sporti’ng’s ga’’mes.


“I’ve already told him: ‘Son, bef’ore I die, I want to see you retu’rn to Sporting.



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