September 27, 2021 || 10:09 am

Cristiano Ronaldo’s perfect response to Bruno Fernandes penalty statement!

Bruno Ferna’ndes took to social media to acknowledge his penalty miss during Manc’hester Un’ited’s 1-0 defeat to Ast’on Villa at Old Trafford on Satu’rday.


United were losin’g in adde”d time after Kortney Hau’se hea’ded home two minutes bef”ore the end to score the even’tual winner.


Hause gave away a pen’alty shortly after he scor’ed, han’dling Fernan’des’ cros’s with Mike Dean pointing to the penalty spot after help from’ his assis”tant referee.


Fernandes, who ha’d sco’red 21 of his previous 22 pen’alty kicks for the Red Devils, skie’d his 23rd over the bar.


The 27 year-old took his miss to heart, posti’ng a len’gthy statement to soci_al me’dia outlining his inten_tion to kee’p taki’ng pen’alties for United.


Writing on pho’to and video-sharing platfor’m Instagram, Ferna_ndes sai’d: “Nobody is more frustrat’ed and disappointed than me for mi’ssing the penalty and the consequ’ent def’eat.


“I’ve alw’ays assu’med my respo’nsibilities and I’ve alw’ays embrace’d them un’der pressure in mome’nts like this. Tod’ay, I failed. But I took a step forw’ard and faced the challenge with the same ambition and respon’sibility as when, on the many other occasion’s, the ball’ ended up in the net.’


“Criticis’m and contra’sting opinio’ns are a big part of footb’all. I’ve learn’ed to live wi’th it, even using the’m to driv’e me on, and I consider it all a very impo’rtant part of my commit’ment to never stop tryin’g to imp’rove and to beco’me the bes’t player I can possi’bly be, for me and the team.


“Today I onc’e aga’in took the responsi’bility give’n to me almost since I join’ed Uni’ted and I will take it again with’out any fear or dread whene’ver calle’d upon.”


United play’ers and fans took to social med’ia to react to Fernandes with David de Gea, Jesse Lingard, Cristia’no Rona’ldo, Dio’go Dalot and Antho’ny Martial sending messa’ges of supp’ort to their teamm’ate.


Ronaldo did not ne’ed wo’rds, simply posti’ng a ‘fist bump’ emoji as a comm’ent to Fernan’des’ post.


Ling’ard, de Gea and Mar’tial all posted red hea’rt emoj’is while Dalot wro’te: “Wit’h you everyday of the we’ek.”



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