October 31, 2021 || 10:45 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo’s “sin” as Juventus chief agrees with Alvaro Morata over Man Utd star

Cristiano Ronaldo left Juven”tus for Manchester United on deadline day and has si”nce been criticised by former team-mates” Gior’gio Chiellini and Leona’rdo Bonucci


Juventus chairm’an And’rea Agnelli is the latest pers’on to make a remark abou’t Cristiano Ronaldo‘s trans’fer to Man’chester United, insisti’ng he’s not as big as the club.

The Portug’uese, 36, left the Ital’ian giants on deadli’ne day aft’er scori’ng 81 goals in 98 Serie A appeara’nces, winning two league titles and the Cop’pa Ital’ia.


As quot’ed by Calciomercato, Agnel’li told rep”orters on Friday: “It was an ho’nour and’ a pleas’ure to have hi’m.


We can only applau’d him for what he did on the fiel’d and thank him for how much he ma’de us rejoice. The one sin is to ha’ve had him with a year and ‘a hal”f of an empty stadium.

“Alvaro Morata is rig’ht, though, it is the Juventus shir’t that requires responsibility. Juven’tus is bigger than everyone, tha’n anyone who has participated. Juve’ntus comes before anyone.


Ronaldo has come und’er fire from various individu’als at Juve’ntus in recent weeks, incl’uding former team-mates Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

Chiellini said: “I h’ad already figured out he coul’d leave this summer, becau’se ‘we rea’ched a stage of the working relationship where Cristian’o needed new motivat’ion an’d a team’ that would play for him.


When he finds a tea’m like that, he can always be decis’ive, as he was at Juve too.

“Juventu’s are begin’ning a process of renewal an’d tryi’ng to bring the average age do’wn, so clearly he would’ve bee’n an added bonus if he’d stay’ed, but it’s fair he wanted a team more focu’sed on the present than the futur’e.


Ronaldo left on Augus’t 28 and it certainly woul’d’ve been better if he had gone earlier so we could prepare. Unfortun’ately, we paid a price for that.

“It does create a shoc’k to the system and we lost po’ints in the opening gam’es bec’ause of that. If he’d left on Aug’ust 1, then we would’ve had time’ to reorganise and be ready for’ the start of the season.”

Bonucci, meanwh’ile, said: “Ronaldo ma’de a choice that we respected. “Last ye’ar the te’am played for him, now the group must rediscov’er that Juve spirit that was ther’e bef’ore his arrival.


Cristiano’s presen’ce had a big influence on us. Jus’t training with him gave us som’ething extra but subconscio’usly pl’ayers started to think his prese’nce alone was enough to win gam’es.




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