May 2, 2021 || 10:43 am

Dani Alves: Lionel Messi to stay at Barcelona

♥Dani Alves has been talking about ‘super king’ and has told the captain to stay at the Camp Nou.


He says he’s spoken to his former team-mate and remind’ed him that players who leave Barca always tend to regret the dec’ision after’wards.


“I have said to marketing (Lionel Messi) seve’ral times: he was born to be a Barca player and Barca were born to be his club.


He has given me adv’ice before so I can do the same to him.


Once he told me to stay in Barca because there wasn’t any place that was better.


‘Where will you be happier?’ he asked me. So I stay’ed,” he said.


“Now I have remi’nded him of that convers’ation and that a good friend [him] advised me that Barca is the best place ever.


I haven’t had an answer from him yet but when you leave Barca you rea’lize how goo’d it is.


All the players, and I mean everyone, who has left Barca have been sorry. All of them regret leavi’ng, irresp’ective of the reas’on.”


Super king did ask to leave last summer but much has changed since then and, curre’ntly at least, there is plenty of optimi’sm around that he will stay.


Rece’nt reports have even claimed he’s alr’eady told Joan Lapo’rta that he wants to continue and will take a pay cut when he sign’s a ren’ewal.

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