June 28, 2021 || 12:46 pm

Euro 2020 Take a look at the story of grief in the Netherlands

The Czech Republic advanced to the quarter-finals after beating the favorite Netherlands 2-0. Thomas Holes and Patrik Shik scored for the Czechs. The Dutch had to return empty-handed from another international tournament.

Let’s see leatherland versus Czech Republic football match highlight…


Before the match. Confidence in the eyes of Vinaldom-de Young-Dipaye while singing the national anthem


Memphis Depai is the mainstay of the Netherlands attack. The Czech Republic knew very well that the door to victory would open if he could be stopped well.


The Czechs were great from the start, never giving the Dutch a chance like that.


Mattis de Likht, the last hope of the defense, threw a goblet to stop the Czech striker Patrik Shik. He lost control of the ball and stopped the ball with his hand to prevent it from going to Shik’s feet. The referee showed him a yellow card at first but VAR asked him to think again. The referee changed his mind after seeing the screen on the side of the field, de Likhot saw the red card directly.


The way back from the field to the dressing room seems to be a long one.


Less than one of the Dutch, in this situation more pressed checkers. Defensive midfielder Thomas Holes scored the goal.Cheers cheered after the goal.


Later, striker Patrik Shik doubled the lead.



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