June 28, 2021 || 11:32 am

Euro 2020 The Photo tells the story of Ronaldo’s departure from the Euro stage

He is 36 years old. The next euro will come in the forties. It is safe to say that Ronaldo will not be in the next Euro. As such, yesterday was the last match of the most successful player of the competition on the Euro stage. Belgium beat Portugal 1-0, Ronaldo has been eliminated from the second round.


Ronaldo in practice before the match. The goal is fixed, the only plan in mind is to lose to Belgium. Not only that, if there is another goal, Ali will be the single highest goal scorer in international football, surpassing Daii. What can Ronaldo do?


Ronaldo is coming on the field. The pressure on the head to take the team to the next round. But Ronaldo chose such an occasion to burn, right?


Like the rest of the players, Ronaldo is on his knees before the match.


Belgium’s left wing back Thorgan Hazard seems to be unable to hold Ronaldo. Did Ronaldo understand in a nutshell that this Thorgan Hazard will come with a farewell order after a while?


The defenses of Thomas Vermeulen (pictured), Toby Alderweireld and Ian Verton are quite old. Ronaldo repeatedly fell on his face when he came to the defense.


After the goal. Ronaldo may have slowly realized then, that today might be a problem.


Real Madrid’s handshake with the former ‘Number Seven’ and the current ‘Number Seven’. Real fans will be a little emotional to see the film?


The dream was shattered. Desperate Ronaldo threw all the frustration and anger on the captain’s armband.


Belgian cheers on the one hand, Ronaldo frustration on the other. One picture does not tell many stories.

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