September 23, 2021 || 6:08 pm

Ferdinand: Ronaldo denied ‘stonewall’ decisions ‘because of his ego’

Rio Ferdinand claims Manc’hester United forward Cristiano Ro’naldo is being denied “ston’ewall” decisions “beca’use of his ego, stature and status”.

Ronaldo made two ap’peals for a penalty in the Red Devils’ 2-1 victory over West Ham on Sunday after cha’llenges from Vladimír Coufal and then Kurt Zouma.

However, referee Martin Atk’inson was having none of it and w’aved away both appeals for a spot-kick


And Ferdinand has sugge’sted that referees are worried to give decisions in Ronaldo’s favo’ur as it looks like they are “pan’dering to him”.

The former Man Utd defender said on his Vibe with Five YouTube channel: “The penal’ties – how is that not a penalty? It’s alm’ost like he’s getting treated a cer’tain way because it’s him, like ‘I can’t give it because it’s Ronaldo beca’use I’m going to look bad and I’m pandering to him bec’ause of his ego, stature and stat’us’.


“No, it’s a stonew’all-er, a 100 per cent penalty. I don’t under’stand how you can’t give that penalty, even with VAR, how are you not giving that pena’lty?”


Alan Shearer agre’ed that Ronaldo should’ve had at lea’st one ‘penalty against West Ham, the for’mer Newcastle striker told BBC Sport: “It was a very stra’nge game in terms of refereeing decis’ions and VAR and I thought they got so many things wrong.

“West Ham sho’uld have had another penalty and U’nited should definitely have had one – possibly two – spot-kicks, both for fouls on Cristiano Rona’ldo which lo’oked obvious.

“It could have been a day when those decisi’ons cost Unit’ed a win, but it turn’ed out to be a big three points for them.”


, talkSPORT pundit Jamie

O’Hara claimed yesterday that Ronaldo dived to try and win a penalty under a challenge from Zouma.

O’Hara said: “The contact is there because he’s anticipated Zouma coming in. Just take the tackle. Zouma dives in. Take the tackle and then it’s a penalty. The fact that you go down before you feel the contact, you’re diving.

He added: “That’s not a pen’alty. He’s running at pace. Yes, he’s pushed it past Zou’ma but if you look closely and watch from all angles, he’s alrea’dy on his ‘way down.

“He’s dived. He’s looking for the penalty. Yes, Zou’ma is late. If he pushes it past him and then just takes the conta’ct, th’en it’s a penalty, but what ann’oys me with Ronaldo in that one is that he’s already lookin’g for it.


He knows he can’t get a shot off, he knows he can’t get to the ball to go past him and cut it ba’ck, so what he does is pushes it past him, ‘sees that there is going to be a t’ackle and is already goin’g over.




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