September 24, 2021 || 9:56 am

Frank Lampard snubs Cristiano Ronaldo when naming best opponent other than Lionel Messi

Chelsea legend Frank Lam’pard claimed Lionel Me’ssi was the best player he ever came up against – with one of the Argentine’s ex-Barca tea’m-ma”te the only one to comp’tee.


Frank Lampard has n’amed Barcelona legends Ronaldin’ho and Lionel Me’ssi as t_he two b_est players he ever came up against.

The Chelsea legend admitted ‘it was difficult to leave out’ Cristiano Ronaldo, but felt he never came up against the Portu’guese at his ‘peak.



That’s despite Lam’pard’s side coming up against a Ronaldo-inspired Manches’ter United in the 2008 Champions League final.

The pair both scored for their sides during the rain-soak’ed affair in Moscow, where John Terry’s slip spared Ronal’do’s blushes after a miss in the pena’lty shoot-out.

But Lampard belie’ves his peak only came once he had departed Old Traffo’rd for the first time’,C when he joined Real

Meadrid in 2009.

Meani’ng that when’ it come’s to the best of the very best he encounte’red, Barc’a’s South American’ duo came ‘out on top.


There’s two I woul’d say – one is Lionel Messi, beca’use he’s ‘just the best,” Lamp’ard told Coral’s All to Play For Po’dcast. “And I feel bad with Cristiano, beca’use what Cristian’o has do’ne in big games, winni’ng finals and stuff, I think that’s such’ a tigh’t call.


But to pla’y against him [M’essi], I didn’t play Ron’aldo at his peak. Played hi’m at Man U’nited ‘when he was gettin’g towa’rds it, but not at Real Madrid, whe’re he was just ridiculo’us.”


“I didn’t really come up agai’nst him then, but I feel like I did with Messi and I neve’r got nea’r him and he was’ ju’st ama’zing.


And the other one is Ronald’inho, because in 2005, we we’nt to the Nou Camp, it wa’s my first encount’er with a player on a differe’nt plan’et.

“Him and [Samuel] Eto’o on that day, but particu’larly Ronal’dinho’s moveme”nts. I was like ‘wow this is different’.”

When it came to the be’st playe’rs he played along’side, Lampard was again to’rn betw’een two – but on this occasi’on they were both forme’r Chelsea tea’m-mates.

“I’ve got to say Joh’n [Terr’y] and Didier [Drog’ba],” he continued. “I can’t separ’ate them’ because they had so much’ imp’act on us as a team.


John as a captain…I don’t thi’nk he was underra’ted, but there were elemen’ts to his gam’e maybe that were, because he was brilliant at everything.

“And then Didier, beca’use he always ‘turned’ up in big games, always in pivotal gam’es. Scored amazing goals, influe’nce people aroun’d him’ and h’ad everything as a striker.

“If you drew a strik’er, you’d draw Didier; six foot, stro’ng, can touch, can shoot, head’ it.”

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