March 29, 2021 || 12:21 pm

Germany’s second win in a row.

Germany picked up their second consecutive victory in the World Cup qualifiers despite some difficulties. The former world champions lost to Romania in a match that wasted many chances.


Joachim Loew’s side won the Group J match in Bucharest on Sunday night with a single goal from Sergei Jinabri.

The four-time World Cup winners started their journey by defeating Iceland 3-0 last Thursday.

Germany took the lead in the 16th minute of the match, keeping the pressure on the ball as well as the attack.


Ginabri wrapped the ball in the net with a tap after receiving an extended pass in the face of Kai Hawartz’s six-yard box from the right.



After four minutes the gap could have widened; But Joshua Kimich took a strong shot at the post. Bayern midfielder Ginabri wasted a good one-on-one opportunity.


In the 56th minute, Jinabri spread fear on the opponent’s boundary again. He quickly put the ball forward and left the defender behind and entered the D-box and took a shot. Goalkeeper Florin Nita jumped to the left and saved in exchange for a corner.


Five minutes later, Leroy Sane failed to put his foot down, even though he was able to control the ball extended by Jinabri’s goal.



In the first minute of added time, Nikolai Stanciu took the ball into Sun’s weak backpass and ran into the goal.


Goalkeeper Manuel Nair was cautious. However, the hosts could not take his test. When Stanciu’s shot from five yards out hit the side net, Germany left the field in joy of victory.


The last team to win the World Cup in 2014 is at the top of the group with 6 points in two consecutive wins. Armenia at number two with equal points.

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