March 30, 2021 || 9:34 pm

Great win!! Jap’an beat Mon’golia 14-0.

Jap’an is known in the football world as the ‘Br’azil’ of Asia. They are currently ranked 27th in the FIFA rankings.



Mon’golia, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the rankings. The match between the two teams is like an ant fight with an elephant.



Mongolia, ranked 190th, lost by a huge margin to Asi’an superpower Japan.


Japan beat Mongolia 14-0 in their Group F World Cup qualifier at the Fuku-Ari Stadium on Tuesday (March 30th).



In other words, the biggest defeat in their history would be the fate of Mongolia.


They lost 15-0 to Uzbekistan in 1998. On the other hand, if they scored two more goals, Japan would have won the biggest match in their history.


The four-time Asian champions beat the Philipp’ines 15-0 in 1967.

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Domingo has never seen such a match in his life,


Sudden rain in the middle of the match. Sometimes the game is going on in the rain.


After the game stopped, the game started before the rain stopped again. Not only that, the Bangladeshi batsmen did not know how many runs they had to chase! This incident happened in Napier forgetting the match referee.


Even though Bangladesh lost by 26 runs, the world cricket is fighting over this mistake. Kiwi cricketer Jimmy Nisham himself has criticized it.

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