Greater Manchester vs London house prices: How the cheapest and most expensive boroughs compare

It is no secret that London is an expensive place to live, and as time goes by, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to buy their own property there. The average house price in London is £688,800, which has gone up by 4% since last year, therefore it is no surprise that it continuously takes the top spot as the most expensive city to live in the UK.

As the cost to buy a home has shot up all across the country in recent years, Greater Manchester has seen a house price growth of 19% since the peak in 2019. Certain parts of the region are becoming all the more out of reach for homeowners, with the price of properties in some areas such as Bowdon and Hale now on par with prices in the capital.

Using the most recent average house price data from Rightmove, we have compared the top five cheapest and most expensive boroughs in both Greater Manchester and London to see just how far apart they are in terms of affordability – and the difference between them is staggering.

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Top five cheapest boroughs in Greater Manchester vs London

Wigan vs Barking and Dagenham

Wigan is Greater Manchester’s most affordable borough to live, with homes selling at an average price of around £169,462 over the last year. On the contrary, in London’s cheapest borough of Barking and Dagenham, homes cost around £345,011 on average.

Oldham vs Bexley

Oldham is Greater Manchester’s second cheapest borough, with properties having an average price of £179,412 over the last year. This can be compared to London’s second most affordable borough, Bexley, where properties sell for around £416,708.

Rochdale vsNewham

Properties in the Rochdale borough have an overall average house price of £191,282, making it another of Greater Manchester’s affordable boroughs to live. Yet in Newham in London, which is one of the cheapest boroughs, a house will cost you £447,353 on average.

Tameside vs Croydon

Keeping within the margin of less than £200,000, the average house price in the Tameside borough of Greater Manchester was £196,594 over the last year. Comparing this to one of London’s cheapest areas, Croydon, the average house price sits in a much higher range at £450,106.

Bolton vs Havering

Those searching for a home in the Bolton borough can typically expect to pay around £201,174 for a standard property, whereas in London’s fifth most affordable borough of Havering, properties cost around £453,963.

Top five priciest boroughs in Greater Manchester vs London

Bury vs Richmond upon Thames

Hiking slightly more in price, properties in the borough of Bury had average sold prices of around £231,996 over the last year. Despite being one of Greater Manchester’s more expensive boroughs to buy, it is nothing in comparison to London’s Richmond upon Thames – where homes sell for an average price of £971,917.

Salford vs Hammersmith and Fulham

In the borough of Salford, you can typically expect to pay around £234,869 for a standard home, making it one of Greater Manchester’s pricier areas. Yet in one of London’s most expensive boroughs Hammersmith and Fulham, the average house price is £1,043,372.

Manchester vs Camden

House hunters looking to buy in Manchester can expect to pay an average price of £249,576 for a property. Comparing this to Camden, London’s third most expensive borough, it makes Manchester look cheap as properties in Camden sell for around £1,168,695.

Stockport vs City of Westminster

Climbing into the £300,000 region, the borough of Stockport in Greater Manchester has an average price of £308,792. But in London’s City of Westminster, homes have an average house price of £1,579,909.

Trafford vs Kensington and Chelsea

Trafford is Greater Manchester’s most expensive borough, where homes are priced at £375,869 on average, which some may find to be expensive. But this is nothing in comparison to London’s Kensington and Chelsea, with the borough having an overall average price of a staggering £2,262,683.

Rightmove uses information produced by the HM Land Registry to gather their average house price data. These prices are accurate as of May 3, 2022.

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