June 28, 2021 || 7:43 pm

Hazard did not think he would score the goal

Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure came with a sudden shot. Thorgan Hazard tested his luck, with a shot in the goal. But whether that shot turned out to be an ‘impossible’ shot for Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patricio. Thorgan, who led Belgium to the quarter-finals of the second round of the Euros tomorrow, was surprised to find the team victorious with that one shot.

Big brother Eden Hazard is the captain of the Belgian team. Thorgan Hazard is less well known than his older brother.


The left wing back of Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga has surely been the jewel in the Belgian’s eye since yesterday. In the 42nd minute of the match, the shot that Thorgan took after getting the ball to the left outside the Portuguese box, finally spread the thorn in Portugal’s dream of retaining the Euro title.


After that, Ronaldo’s team could not return to the match despite various attempts. Coach Santos also blamed the fate of his team. However, he also admitted that everything happens in football. Thorgan himself must have understood that if you check your luck in football, pearls often match. Yesterday’s goal is the same for Thorgan and Belgium.


Thorgan was injured. He missed the Euro group stage match against Finland. However, he was in the goal. He scored in the second match against Denmark in the group stage. He set a record by scoring a goal against Portugal yesterday. He became the first Belgian to score for the country in two consecutive matches. But not the record, the winning goal in the knock-out match will surely create a different inspiration for him.



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