Holiday scare for Neymar: His private jet is forced into an emergency landing

PSG forward Neymar‘s private je’t was forced into an emergency landin’g when travelling from Barbados bac’k to his native Brazil.

The aircraft was forced to de’clare an emergency and take the first po’ssible chance to land but it is not yet c’lear if the footballer was on board at this ‘point or not.


It has been reported by The Sun ‘that the aircraft did land safely in th’e north-east of Brazil, meaning that there are ‘no casualties.

Earlier in the day, the former Barcelona forward and’ his sister had shared photographs from ‘a runway on social media which suggests tha’t they could have been on board the air’craft.


It is known that, in the past, Ney’mar spent 10.8 million pounds on an Embrae’r Legacy 450 aircraft, but it is not yet clear’ if that is the plane that was involved in t’he incident in northern Brazil.

Neymar’s 2022 sum’mer holiday

Neymar is currently on holida’y after a long season with PSG, followed by a p’eriod of international duty.

Given the distorted calendar next’ season as a result of the 2022 Qatar World’ ‘Cup being held in the winter months, he wil’l be expected back in the French capital’ for pre-season training sooner than he m’ay like.

He had a successful time with th’e Brazilian national team, netting three t’imes. He scored twice in a 5-1 win over So’uth Korea and then scored the only goal ‘in a 1-0 win over Japan.

Those goals mean he is on 74 fo’r Brazil, just three behind the legendary Pele ‘who is the country’s leading goalscor’er.





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