October 8, 2021 || 3:07 pm

How Manchester United dressing room have been blown away by Cristiano Ronaldo’s mentality

Heaton is the only play’er who was with United dur’ing Ron’aldo’s first spell at the ‘clu’b.


Manchester Un’ited go’alkeeper Tom Hea&ton has ex’pressed his thou’ghts on Cristiano Ronaldo‘s return to th”e club, having been blown away by his wor’k ethic.

The 36-year-old m’ade a shock return to Uni’ted a’fter 12 years away fr’om the club, nine of them at Real M’adrid and 3 with Juven’tus.


The Portu’guese str’iker has scored 5 goals in 7 games for United so far, making a huge imp’act as m”any wou’ld have expe’cted.

Heaton is the only pla’yer in the current squad who has prev’iously played with Ron’aldo at United. Heaton also retur’ned to U’nited this past sum’mer a’fter first leaving 1’1 years a’go, sig’ning a two-year deal with an opt’ion of a third – the sa’me len’gth as Rona’ldo’s.


Speaki’ng on be’ing re’united with Rona’ldo, Heaton said: “It’s been nice to recon’nect wi’th hi’m.”

The 35-year-old’ go’alkeeper spoke on bei’ng hug’ely imp’ressed by the striker’s wor’k ethic, acknowledging the impa’ct he has made arou’nd oth’er p’layers at Unite’d.

Heaton sa’id: “I hav’e be’en massively impre’ssed with his work ethic and appli’cation, how he goes about it.

“I was the first time aro’und when he was here too, the wo’rk he put in and how he went ab”out his game.


If anything it’s still ri’ght at it, with a slight differ’ence in’ how he looks after his bo’dy and how on it he is.

“I think everyon’e can look at him as a shining exa’mple of how to do it – he’s at the pin’nacle. It’s good to be around hi’m again.


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