March 20, 2021 || 9:51 pm

How Ronaldo spends every day.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world. How is his daily life? Football fans must want to know.


How does it feel to play with Ronaldo? Ronaldo’s teammates in the Portugal team said that.



There is no end to the general public’s interest in stars. Why not be the star of that world.


How is their life? How do they spend every day? What they eat, with family – or how they spend their time! It is also a matter of following the successful life of the stars.


In the case of football, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are the role models for many young people.


Many emerging footballers want to follow or imitate this ‘ideal’ footballer. How is that in the case of Ronaldo?



Ronaldo is not sleepy at all. There is no habit of getting out of bed late.


Ronaldo is a staunch supporter of Benjamin Franklin’s words, “Early to bed early to rise, make a man healthy, weldy and wise”.


Get up early and go to bed early. The five-time best footballer of the year does not have the habit of sleeping late.


Likes to eat carbohydrate rich foods. The amount of fiber-rich cereals in his daily diet is sufficient.



Ronaldo feels comfortable sleeping for 8 hours. “Sleep helps rebuild my muscles,” he once told football magazine Four Four Two.

After waking up very early in the morning, Ronaldo did some light exercise in the bedroom.


He once told that exercising very early in the morning has become his “habit.”

After this exercise, Ronaldo sat down at the breakfast table.



Ronaldo ate plenty of watery food in the morning so that he would not be dehydrated throughout the day. Eat lots of fish.


However, on the day of the big match, he prepares himself by eating light food rich in protein.


After arriving at the stadium, Ronaldo used to warm up, stretch and listen to music before the match.

Wayne Rooney once said, before the start of the match, “After wearing the jersey and boots, Ronnie (Ronaldo) even looked at himself in the mirror.”



Even at the end of the match, Ronaldo has a ‘game day’ schedule. He once told Spanish media AS that he ate pizza and fruit in the stadium after the match.


Then he refreshes himself by bathing in hot and cold water. This is not the end.

After taking a bath, the Portuguese star swam for at least 20 minutes to refresh his mind.

Then the effect of the match on Ronaldo’s body and mind is no more.


How does it feel to play as Ronaldo’s teammate? Practice with him, or the experience of being in a team – or what? But the supporters want to know.

Hear from Ronaldo’s national team-mate Adrian Silver, ‘There must be something special about him.


The only way to understand the matter is to look at the players of the other team in the tunnel. Looking at their eyes, it is clear that they are both scared and affected by Ronaldo.

This boosts our confidence. I think we are ahead before we get on the field.


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