September 4, 2021 || 8:31 am

IMO calling.. join with us and enjoy

In’stant messa’ging platform Imo has recently introd’uced a new feature, ‘Flash Call’ to make users’ login much quick’er, safer and conve’nient.


Enjoy with me

Live IMO call…


This new auto’matic verifi’cation feature will enable Imo users to log in through a phone-call verific’ation, preve’nting virtual trespas’sing and data breach.

The method elimin’ates the current hassles of man’ually incorporating the traditi’onal text-based


To enable the latest fea’ture, the SIM card of the entered phone number must be active and consis’tent in the same device. If the cond’ition for the flash call verific’ation is met, there will be a pop-up win’dow aski’ng for the user’s perm’ission to proceed with the flash call verifi’cation and comp’lete the process for safe and success’ful login.

Based on this, the acc’ount will be automa’tically logged in on the arrival of a flash call for verifica’tion on the phone. If the user declines the request, the app will then enter the SMS verifi’cation mode for verifi’cation.


Users in Bangladesh and across the world can now subs’cribe to this feature by updating the Imo app on their devices.



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