September 28, 2021 || 2:09 pm

Is Sir Alex Ferguson Right, That Ronaldo, and not Messi, Could Score a Hat-trick for Anyone?

The debate over who’s be’tter, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, has raged for over a dec’ade. Sir Alex Ferguson believed that Ron&aldo, and n’ot Me’ssi, could score a hat-trick for anyone. With
the 2 supersta’rs chang’ing teams in the sam::e transfer window, perhaps it’s time to re-as’sess the debate.

Back in 2015, Sir Alex Ferg’uson weighed in on the Me’ssi v. Ronaldo debate and did not m’ince words.


“Ro&naldo c’ould play for Mi’llwall, Queens Park Ra&ngers, anyone, Doncaster Rovers, and score a hat-trick in a game. I’m not sure Messi could do that. Rona&ldo’s got 3 feet, quick, great in the

air, brave, Messi’s b2rave of c’ourse. I think Mess2i is a Barcelona player. You know what I mean?”For’ years, Ferguson’s jab that M’essi was a Barcelona player could never be tested. Messi
remained excellent, and, cru’cially, he remained at Barce’lona, while Ronaldo hopped from Real Madrid to Juventus, and now to Manchester United again. However, now th’at Messi has made his way to Paris Saint-Germain, Ferguson’s ass’ertion that Messi is just a B’arcelona player can finally be put to the test.Messi and Ronaldo have domi’nated Europ’ean foot’ball for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when one of them wa’sn’t consi’dered the best player in the world. From 2008 to 2019, Me’ssi or Ron’aldo won the Ballon d’Or e’very sea’son except for 2018, when Luka Mo’dric claimed the prize. The 2 men are first and second in all-time Ballon d’Ors, with Messi’s six and Ronaldo’s five.It’s not hard to unders’tand why the 2 took turns being crowned the best player in Europe. In seven’teen seas’ons with Barcelona, Messi tallied 627 goals and 252 assists in 714 matches. Ronaldo, in 20 seasons between four clubs, tallied 628 goal’s and 182 as’sists in 813


mat’ches. Goal s’coring at that level has never been matched for such an extended period of time. However, if you’re on team-Rona’ldo, you’re o’ut of luck. M’essi has scored near’ly the same number of goals from alm’ost one hundred fewer matches, and bests him in assists by 70.Ro’naldo has already prov’en that he can, and will, score a hat-trick no matter where he plays, al’ready find’ing the back of the net fou’r times in four appeara’nces for United this season. Messi, on the other hand, has not had a fan:tastic sta’rt to his PSG career. In three appearances, he has failed to sc:ore or se’t up a teamm:ate. It has only been 190 minutes of action and with teammates like Neymar and Mbappe, Messi’s fortu’nes are bound to chan’ge.Ronaldo’s hot-start is sure making Alex Ferg’uson


look like the legendary man’ager he is. However, one wonders if he’s still angry about what Messi did to his United sides in th’e 2009 and 2011 Champions League Finals.When your left foot can do that, why even use you’r right? Messi will even’tually capture a PSG hat-trick and Ron’aldo will add to his United tally as well. What Ferguson was mo’st right ‘about is when h”e said they’re both brave. At the end of the day, arguing over Messi v Ronal’do is silly. A’ppreciate their great’ness while it lasts, beca’use they’re both one of a kind.





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