February 16, 2021 || 12:41 pm

It seems that Lionel Messi also has eyes behind his head

Lionel Messi is fascinating with something new in every match.

In the end, he scored two eye-catching goals against Deportivo Alaves.

Moreover, looking at the passes of all the goals scored by his teammates, it seems as if he left the ball with a complete geometric calculation.

Along with the football fans, his teammates also enjoy them with fascinated eyes.

Usman Dembele has been playing together for so long, yet he is not surprised.

With the involvement of the Barcelona captain in the whole field, the French forward feels that Messi has eyes behind his head too!


Dembele signed for Barcelona in the summer of 2016.

Although it is not a series, it often has some great performances. He is having such a good time this season.

The French forward, who won the World Cup, spoke about his teammate Messi in an interview with UEFA.com.


The Argentine forward was praised in his voice, ‘Leo is unique, we all know that. He is incomparable, the best player in football history. When I was younger, he used to inspire me, still does. Honestly, it’s an honor to be able to play with him. ‘



While enrolling in the New Camp, Dembele kept repeating a word to himself.

What’s that? Listen to the French forward, “I said, when Leo has the ball at his feet, don’t look back.

Go ahead and make room to run. Don’t worry, the ball will reach you. ‘

I am constantly saying this to myself. ”


Then Dembele said, ‘When I start running, he (Messi) always increases the pass, when he can’t, he tries again. It is as if he has eyes behind his head. ‘


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