July 3, 2021 || 10:42 am

Italy beat Belgium and went to the semifinals

  1. Italy was in great form, but there was still talk of a strong opponent in Italy. The Insinia-Spinatsolas blew away that skepticism. They beat Belgium, the world’s number one team, in the Euros. Won 2-1.


Goals were scored by midfielder Niccolo Barella and winger Lorenzo Insinia. Meanwhile, Lukakur scored the only goal for Belgium.


The match was full of attack-to-attack from the very beginning. Winger Domenico Berardi was replaced by Federico Kiesa, the hero of last match. Returning from injury, captain Giorgio Chiellini went straight into the starting XI. Belgium did not replace Eden Hazard due to injury, but was replaced by young Jeremy Doku.


Italy went ahead with a goal from Leonardo Bonucci in the beginning. But thanks to the generosity of the VAR, the Belgians survived. Italy gave the idea of ​​what could happen in the whole match even if they could not go ahead then.


Italy was advancing to the offensive line by easily pressing the Belgian midfield. Hatena also got the benefit of it. Italy took the lead in the 31st minute through a goal by Niccolo Barella. He led the team with great dribbles and right-footed shots. However, the question may arise as to why no Belgian star went to charge him.


Just one minute before the end of the first half, Lorenzo Insignia’s spectacular goal gave Italy the lead. Belgium’s midfield and defense were then chaotic. Who says? De Bruyne is the number one team on the FIA ​​list?


In the end, Doku came forward to replace Hazard to save the team. He was unjustly thrown from the left side into the box, and Belgium were awarded a penalty. Barrel’s club-mate Romelu Lukaku reduced the lead from the penalty spot.


He seemed so far. Euro is going to see a very high-scoring match. But he is hopeless. Bonucci-Kiellini’s experienced and veteran defender did not allow any more goals in the second half. Italy left the field with a 2-1 victory.


However, the injury to Italy’s forehead has increased due to the injury of Leonardo Spinatsola. This great leftback got injured and left the field on a stretcher. He played so well that if Italy had won the Euros, there would have been a discussion about making him one of the best players in the tournament.


For now, the next round is up, it will be a relief to Italy and Spinatsola.

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