September 19, 2021 || 3:19 pm

Juventus is missing a goalscorer like Ronaldo, Amauri insists – “I don’t want to disrespect anyone” !

Former Juventus striker, Amauri Carva’lho ins’ists that the departur’e of Cristiano Ronaldo has affect’ed Juvent’us and they will need to replace the goals he scor’es for them.


The Bianco’neri sold the Portugal captain to Manc’hester United in the last trans:fer window.


The striker scored 29 league goals for them last season and scored at least 20 goals pe’r season in the campa’igns he play’ed for the club.


However, he wan’ted to leave and the Bianco’neri granted him his wish to move to United in the last transfer wind’ow.


The attac’ker is now set to help the English club beco’me a stronger team, but he leaves a huge void behind at Juven’tus.


Amauri scored several impo’rtant goals for the Bian’coneri when he played for them and he knows how import:ant it is to score as m’any goals as possible as a team.


He says the club will miss Ronaldo and insists the current squad lacks a good goals’corer.


He told Tuttojuve: “ Cristiano Ronaldo’s farew’ell affe’cted Juve’s numbers a little, it is clear that we will need to replace 25/30 guarant’eed goals per year.


In atta’ck, there are still some excellent elements, but it may not be enough. I do’n’t want to disres’pect any’one. but today there is no bomber “.



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