November 10, 2021 || 3:01 pm

Lionel Messi Could Leave PSG And Complete ‘Free Transfer Return To Barcelona’ In 2023 After Xavi’s Appointment .

Lionel Messi could ma’ke his sensational return to Barc’elona in 2023 after the appoin’tment of Xavi as the La Liga clu’b’s head coach, accor’ding to st’unning reports.

The six-time Ba’llon d’Or winner was prepa’red to take a hefty 50 per cent pay cut in a bid to sign a new Barcelon’a contract in the summer.



However, Barcelo’na were un’able to keep hold of Messi due to La Liga’s financial regulations, which scuppered the sign’ing of a new contr’act.



The Barcelona lege’nd made an emotional exit fr’om the Camp Nou before comple’ting a stunning free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer.

Messi signed a l’ucrative two-year deal with PSG, wi’th the option to extend by a fur’ther year.

However, Barcel’ona believe that the PSG superst’ar could be lured back to the Ca’mp Nou when his contract is se’t to expire in 2023.


According to Mar’ca, newly appointed Barcelo’na manager Xavi cou’ld be the ‘key’ for Messi’s return to the cl’ub.



Xavi, who succe’eded Ronald Koeman at Barcelona, played alongside Mes”si during a legendary care’er at the Spanish club.


And the Spanish new’spaper reports that ”the 41-year-old Spain legend could ‘per’suade’ the Argentine forw’ard to play under him at Barc’elona.

Former Barcelo’na pre’sidential candidate Vic’tor Font, who lost to Joan Lapor’ta in the 2021 elections, has urg’ed the La Liga outfit to re-sign Mess’i in 2023.


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