July 31, 2022 || 4:32 pm

Lionel Messi has three options on the table after the 2022/23 season – report

Lionel Messi’s exit from FC Barc’elona has been one that has hurt everybody’ involved including the player himself. How’ever, it has been reported in recent day’s that the player could very well rejoin a’fter his current contract with Par’is Saint-Germain ends in 2023.

As per reports by SPORT, the Ar’gentine has three options regarding his future’ past the 2022/23 season.


Renew his contract with PSG, 2. R’ejoin Barça and retire at the club, or 3. G’o to the US to play in the MLS.

The reports have stated that the’se are the only three realistic options that t’he 7-time Ballon D’or winner has at the ‘moment, and a move back to Argentina is not’ being discussed.

Messi is on the back of a rather a’verage season with the Parisiens where he’ had his season riddled with minor injurie’s, which meant he never had the chance t’o settle into his usual rhythm.

The Argentine, as per the reports’, is not looking to make any sort of majo’r decisions about his future at the moment, a’nd will only make his decisions after the’ World Cup in December is over.


Messi has been linked with a ret’urn to Barça in the last few days with ‘the president, Joan Laporta even sta’ting that the Argentine’s exit was not how i’t should be ending and that the club has a ‘moral debt to the player.

He has also had reports surroundin’g a move to David Beckham’s Inter Mia’mi in Major League Soccer. However, o’nly time shall tell if and where Leo will m’ake his move after the 2022/23 season ‘ends.





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