February 21, 2021 || 11:47 pm

Lionel Messi’s game has been worse than before.

It is almost certain that Barcelona’s hopes in the Champions League are over.


In terms of numbers, Barcelona still has a chance to go to the next round from the last 16.


But in the first leg of the last sixteen, Killian Mbappe’s dazzling hat-trick came to the field of Barca and the way PSG lost to Bara 4-1,


Even Barca fans may not believe that it is possible for this fragile Barca to close that gap.


Messi will play very well against Cadiz in the league today after the injury inflicted on him by PSG last Tuesday, the bitter Bara of PSG will meet the tiny Cadiz.


Many may have thought so. But that did not happen.


Messi and Griezmann were disappointed that they could not score despite getting many chances against 14th Cadiz in the league’s points list.


Cadiz came back from a 1-1 draw with Barca after scoring at the last minute in a two-penalty match.

The ointment was not applied to the wounds given Barsar by PSG.


Lionel Messi’s goal from the penalty spot in the 32nd minute gave Barca the lead, but Cadiz equalized in the 89th minute through a goal from Alex Fernandez.


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