October 28, 2021 || 5:01 pm

Man Utd fans should heed Arsene Wenger’s transfer advice with Jadon Sancho

Manchester Uni’ted are in the midst of a crisis following their 5-0 thrashing by Liverp’ool on Sunday – a game their £73mi’llion summer signing Jadon San”cho did not even play in.


There are so man’y pro”blems engulfing Manchester United at the moment that the iss’ue of Jadon Sancho’s fo’rm m’ay seem periphe’ral.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ’s pos’ition as manager is und’er ‘ scrutiny following the disas’trous 5-0 defeat by Liverpool on Sun’’day.


That debate is all encom’passing for United curren’tly, but’ it seems – for now at least – ”that the Norwegian will be afford’ed the o’pportunity to turn things around.

United’s Premier League ga’me against Totten’ham on Saturday has therefore taken on huge ”amounts of signific’ance.


If the pla”yers tu’rn up with a marke’dly differ’ent attitude, show a cohe’rent ga’me plan and pick up a positiv”e res’ult then it will create a show of unity and ‘offer proof that Solskjaer still has the backing of the dress’ing room.

With Solskjaer teeter’ing, part of the debate over the com’ing days will no doub”t fall upon’ the issue of team select’ion.


Solskjaer is bound to mak’e changes to his starting 11 for the crunch game at Sp”urs after the embarrass’ment dished out by Jurgen Klopp’s sid’e.


Normally a £73mil’lion su’mmer signing wou’ld be a shoe-in for a place in the tea’m, especially one who was the club’s n’umber one transfer target for 2 years running and enjoyed an exc’ellent 2020/21 season.


In ma’ny wa’ys San’cho’s ar’r’ival at Old Trafford made pe’rfect sense. Here was a specia’list ring-winger who had 50 goals a’nd 64 assists in 137 gam’es for Bor’ussia Dortmund.

Despite’ his br’illiant creative output ‘in ‘, his exp”erience came at a young age and theref’ore with plenty of time still left to develop.

Fast-forward a few months from the heady days of the su’mmer, when excite’ment was ‘in’e’scapable around Uni’ted, a’nd Sancho could hardly have endu’red a worse start to the 2021/22 season.

Sancho has not sus’tained a serious injury. He has ‘not m’a’de an’y glaring erro’rs, nor so’ured his reputation due to ” ill-advised piece of play or inciden’t off the pitch. He is simply in p’oor form.


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