October 5, 2021 || 8:38 pm

Man Utd told Ronaldo will cause Solskjaer’s demise in ‘sudden’ turn of events

Simon Jordan belie’ves that re-signing Cristiano Ron’aldo will ultimately backf’ire in th’e worst way possi’ble for Man’chester United mana’ger Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Red Devils look’ed finished following the arriv”als of Jadon Sancho and Rap’hael Varane. Not only did they solve a p’’roblem up front, but they also foun’d Harry Maguire a top ne’w cen’tre-back partner.

In fact, Solskj’aer said at the st’art of August that any further signings would come as a “bonus” for his club.

But he stres’sed that “anyt’hing can happen” – and R’onaldo’s headline-grab’bing retu’rn pro’ved that point. Th’e forward has netted five goals in seve’n games so far, but the mood has cha”nged.

Ronaldo started Satu’rday’s 1-1 draw with Ever’ton on the bench. After the mat’ch – and in a show of frustratio’n – he muttered to himsel’f as he paced down the tunnel.

Gary Neville admitted tha’t he “didn’t like” what he sa’w at Old Trafford. He also s’aid that the pressure will now ra’mp up on Solskjaer to ma’nage th’e 36-year-old’s persona’lity.

According to for’mer Crystal Palace owner Jordan, th”e writing is already on th’e wall for Solskjaer over Ronal’do.

“If you’ve got a man’ager who is being superse’ded by a player, the manager ne’eds to be the biggest personality’, the biggest image in people’s min”’ds,”


We all know talent wins gam’es, but ultimately, he n’eeds to be P.T Barnum – not Ron’aldo



He needs to be the cir’cus master and it is a probl’em t’hat will be built up and spu’n up and it will be his undo’ing.

“The signing of Cris’tiano Ronaldo will be his undoing, beca’use it will be the narra’tive, it wi’ll be the stick that is use’d against him every single tim’e that it doesn’t work the way it sho’uld do.”

Jordan adde’d that the situ’ation could “all of a sud’den” see Ronaldo domina’te the age’nda at United – but not for the rig’ht reasons.

“I tell you why I am not sur’prised; when a player wal’ks off the pitch giving it the big’un because he is not happ’y abo’ut it, rather than towing the line and showing a bit of resp’ect to the mana’ger that has picked him or not pic’ked him,” Jordan said.

You’re going to have th’is, you’re going to have the op’portunity for journal’ists to co’me in and say, ‘look at what he is doi’ng, there is a rift develo0’ping th’ere.’

“All of a sudd’en, it wi”ll be Ronaldo against the man’ager, or it’ll be about what is ha’ppening with Ronaldo.”

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