October 26, 2021 || 9:26 pm

‘Man Utd won’t miss anything if Pogba doesn’t play again’ – Scholes slams ‘disrespectful’ midfielder after Liverpool horror show

A club legend has ques’tioned the Frenchman’s futu’re at Old Traff’ord follo’wing his disastrous disp’lay agai’nst the Reds.



Manche’ster Un’ited “won”t miss anything” if Pa’ul Pogba doesn’t play again, acc’ording’ to Paul Scholes, who slammed the “disrespe’ctful” midf’ielder after his ho’rror show”ing against Liverp’ool on Sun’day.

Pogba had an aftern’oon to forget as United were thrashed 5-0 by their arch-rivals at Old Trafford, with the French’man guilty of gifti’ng Liver’pool their fifth goal before being sho’wn a red card for a 2-foo’ted cha’llenge on Naby Kei’ta.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer bro’ught Pogba on at ha’lf-t’ime to try and lim’it the d’amage after a disa’strous 1st half for his side, but he only made matt’ers worse, and Schol’es has n’ow cal’led his future at the club into ques’tion.

What’s been said?

Transfer rumo’urs have surrou’nded Pog’ba throughout his second s’tint with United, who paid £89 mill’ion to brin’g him ba’ck from Juve’ntus in 2016, and he is reportedly stalli’ng on s’igning a new contr’act am’id inte’rest from Real Mad’rid.


Pogba’s perfor’mance aga’inst Liverp’ool was the fin’al straw for Scholes, w’ith a clu’b legend telling Prem’ier Lea’gue Productions of his disappoint’ment in a disruptive figure: “Paul Pogb’a com’ing on to the pit’ch at half-tim’e to try to help the team and may’be get a lit’tle respect’ability, tries to stand on the ball, tries to show ‘how strong he is in the midd’le of the pitch… gives’ the goal aw’ay.

“Then later on gets se’nt off with a ridiculous tackle, now you’re 5-0 down wit’h 10 me’n. You’d ha’ve to think, if Ole’s still ‘a manager there, will’ we see Pogba agai’n in a United shirt?

“He’s caus’ed mayh’em over the last couple of y’ears. Everyone knows wh’at a talen’t he’ is, every’body trus’ts him, every manager trus’ts him, tried to give him his head and let hi’m be the player he’s bee’n.

“But with all t’he comm’otion, not signing his cont’ract, almost hold”ing the club to ransom, and then he com’es on and does someth’ing like that. It’s n’ot Ole’s fault, don’t get me wro’ng, but that’s part of it th’at almost sum’med the Un’ited perfo’rmance up tod’ay.

“Look, he prob’ably will play [aga’in] wo’n’t he? But I don’t think they will be mi”ssing anything if he doesn’t. He’s had’ numer’ous chances, he keeps saying he lack”s consis’ten’cy, but t’hat is just [a lack of] discipline’ and disrespect for your manager and your teammates, what he’s done today.”

Scholes on Solskjaer’s tactics

United’s lat’est Premi’er Lea’gue defeat cam’e on the back of an unconvin’cing 3-2 victory over Atalant’a in the Cham’pions League, duri’ng which Schol’es initi’ally ‘saw major flaws in Solskjaer’s tactical set-up.

Mohamed Salah scored a hat-tri’ck after Na’by Ke’ita and Di’ogo Jota opene’d the floo’dgates at Old Traffo’rd, wi’th an ex-Uni’ted midfi’elder addi’ng on the space’ Liverpool we’re giv’en in’ the final third: “To say a disappointing day would be a com’plete understate’ment.


“I think we all realise it’s be’en difficult, I just th’ink t’he manager got caug’ht up in the emotion of the co’meback [a’gainst Atalanta] on Wedne’sday nig’ht. We keep goi’ng ba’ck to th’at gam’e but you were ne’ver going to do that against Liverpool, they ha’ve too much qua’lity.

“I don’t thin’k it was a lac’k of effort, I think tacti’cally th’ey were set up in a way whe’re this could hap’pen and unfortun’ately it did hap’pen.”

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