September 19, 2021 || 9:59 am

Manchester United can spend more Money On Ronaldo Like other clubs !

This summer, only Arsenal spent more money than Manc’hester United in the tran’sfer mar’ket in the Pre’mier League.


The arriv’als of Jadon Sancho, Rapha’el Var’ane, and Cristiano Ronaldo came at a high pr’ice and according to execu’tive vice-chairm’an Ed Wood’ward, United’s ability to spend more than other clubs is do’wn their sustai’nable model.


Earlier on Friday, the club announ’ced its quar’terly results and the figures highlig”hted their robustn’ess in the unc’ertain financial lands’cape amid the COVID-19 pand’emic.


Whilst some clubs have been forced into cautious spen’ding and carefully balanc’ing expen’diture, Manchester Unit’ed have bee’n able to make use of their high revenue – desp’ite recor”ding a loss in total.

Although he is aware of United’s place on the ladder, Wood’ward has insis’ted on bal’ancing out the spread of fina’nces in top-level football.


“It is not an accid’ent that we have been able to invest this sum’mer at a time when ma’ny clubs have been retr’enching,” Woo’dward is quoted as saying by the official Manche’ster Uni’ted website.


“This refle’cts the strong commercial model we have built over many years, ensu’ring that our spend’ing is always underpin’ned by reven’ues that we gener’ate ourselv’es.


Howev’er, while we are confid’ent in our relative stren’gth, it remains clear that football as a whole faces major financ’ial challen’ges caused by years of mate’rial inflation in wages and transfer fees, exacerbated by the impact of the pande’mic.


We are comm’itted to work’ing within the Prem’ier League, the ECA and UEFA to promote greater financ’ial sustain’ability at all levels of the game.


“But no club can succ’eed on its own. We want to be part of healthy, vibran’t domesti’c and Europ’ean footb’all pyra’mids, working toget’her with our governi’ng bodies and, most importa’ntly, the fans, to preserve and enhance the magic of our game.


As a club, we are com’mitted to those objectiv’es and we look forward’ to pursu’ing them in the month’s and years ahead,” he added.


Woodw’ard also took time to express his delight at Manc’hester United’s sum’mer tran’sfer business, descri’bing the arrivals of Sancho, Varan’e, Cristiano Ronaldo and Heaton as ‘signific’antly strengthening’ the side.



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